Friday Feels + NLU Architecture Musings


Yea Bacon, Soly, Andy, Tron etc. can do whatever the heck they please. If they want to be golf hipsters, so be it. You hit the nail on the head though. NLU is about being “zen” and “woke” now. For better or worse, it isn’t the NLU from years past.


I’m not sure why everyone is complaining about NLU highlighting a different part of the game. There are only so many white belt, Bubba and P Reed suck takes etc. that can actually generate content.

Look at the last 10 podcasts and you can’t find a more diverse list of topics anywhere out there. People ITT are acting like they are only talking about GCA.



3-iron putting.

Now I’m convinced I’m getting trolled.


Putting from 40 yards off the green when playing Florida Muni in May the week after Bandon is the equivalent of “picking up” a foreign accent after studying abroad.


Don’t forget picking up a love for Premier League soccer after studying abroad.


Haha FWIW I thought of this thread when I just saw @Tron #puttfromeverywhere at Winter Park a few minutes ago


They are doing a 3 club challenge…


Well that is very WOKE of them


All of us: “Then how do you measure yourself against other golfers?”

NLU, for the past month: “By height.”


@endangeredspiethies post really resonated with me, and inspired me to make my first post. I have been an NLU follower for years now. What originally drew me in were the witty live tweets on Sunday afternoons during Tour tournaments about Bubba, Nantz, etc. It was a counter-culture, pushing against the stuffy, repetitive mainstream golf media.

I don’t mind the architecture takes. I like learning about golden age architecture I never would have considered two years ago. Additionally, I know the NLU guys still can appreciate the value of a muni course, and the references to their various travels in GB&I and elsewhere are not coming from a pretentious place.

These days, it seems like NLU is trying to be too hipster just because it seems like the “cool” thing to do. Opening their Instagram stories usually leads to multiple videos of a “filet nine iron” or a “carvy three wood.” I barely understand what those words mean, let alone why they’re being thrown around so often. This new golf sub-culture that revolves around width, angles, hickory sticks, etc. is one that NLU associates itself with more and more frequently. It comes across, in my opinion, as trying too hard to be different just for the sake of being different. For example (and I admit this is cherry picking from recent NLU instagram stories and previous posts in this thread), unless you have the shanks, I don’t understand why anyone would think it’s a great idea to putt from 100 yards out instead of using a wedge. Just because it’s an option, doesn’t mean it’s the best one.

I realize that NLU was founded as a sub-culture, but it was a sub-culture that focused largely on the Tour and traditional golf media. I personally miss the old NLU that wrote satirical screenplays about rescuing Sang-moon Bae and kept me updated on the #PrayForTedScott meter. To each his own, I suppose.


While I don’t necessarily disagree with everything in this thread, I do want to touch on a few things.

  1. I love this conversation
  2. All comments about today’s insta story: THEY WERE PLAYING A 3 CLUB CHALLENGE- A common game played at a short muni that lends itself to fun, creative golf. In TGJ podcast the architects of the course said you could literally play it with just a putter in hand. Shame on them for trying to inject creativity into golf
  3. All TFE and NLU are trying to convey is that this is a way to play golf differently and that they think it is fun to play and want to share with us the audience. They are not chastising people who want to hit the 100 yard wedge (Which is absolutely reasonable- I do it!) but they are just encouraging the notion that it is not the only way to play
  4. As they have now transitioned to full time they need multiple things to occupy themselves. Only so much can be covered about the Zurich classic, but in their heart of hearts they are not just Tour fans they are golf fans and want to share that with us.


I just get really triggered watching them play golf while I’m sitting at my desk miserable tbh.


To be perfectly clear, the initial post was intended as an observation, (in my opinion, the content on the site has shifted a degree or two in (really only) the past month or so), and as feedback (to point out that most of the accounts longest followers are addicted to the site because of the culture described above). I didn’t intend to leave the impression that NLU had lost its footing entirely - it’s just an odd trend, and one that doesn’t generate content that I appreciate as much.

Maybe it’s just the post-Masters lull. Perhaps it’s just a phase (like when @Tron spent 3 months trolling golf rules Twitter over alignment aids). Whatever it is, it’s not the end of the world, and it’s just one man’s opinion.

The site will also inevitably have inconsistencies and hypocrisies (I’ll never join the push cart mafia, Tron’s attire is routinely objectionable, etc. ). Alas, not the end of the world.

However, while the conversation is being had, it’s still my opinion that most of the site’s followers want more content more in line with NLU’s original hits. I think that those that would rather buy a leather carry bag get their content from the motherships.

As for #widthandangles, I’ll save my thoughts for those specific threads.


Also, I’m aware that novelties like “half-sets,” three-club challenges, and using the ground-game at your local rough-shrouded muni that just got doused by 4" of rain are all the rage right now. It’s just a bit much. Shot creativity is cool when it’s employed to actually try to get the ball closer to the hole. When you do it so that you can talk about “that slap 4 iron that grabbed the edge from 95 yards out,” then it’s cosmetic, and not about the golf.


Apollo Theater, NYC. May 2004.
Morrissey to the crowd: “If you came to ‘hear how soon is now’ you’ll be disappointed…And your life is proabably a disappointment.”


Well played, that’s living life below par.


Can’t believe how many people are missing the mark here.

At the last hole at Bandon’s par 3 course, it’s legit encouraged to take a normal wedge shot then follow it up with a putt off the tee. Why? Because where else do you have the opportunity to make a 100 yard ace with a putter? Nowhere. Which is why they encourage people to try it just for the experience. You’re literally rolling a putt down the walking path and hoping it hits the flag stick.

As for their insta story yesterday, they were playing a 3 club shootout. Of course they’re going to be trying off-the-wall shots that seem “off-brand”.

Beyond that, the NLU guys have regularly explained how they don’t show their normal, every day golf stuff on Insta. Why? Because watching the average (or even top) amateur playing a semi-serious round of golf is not entertaining. Instead, they post the weird, and the bad, and the unusual. Because that stuff is actually entertaining.

I actually agree that the architecture piece has been beaten ad nauseum into our brains. As a golf course architecture junkie whose closet resembles a disgusting logo bingo pro shop, even I find they’ve gone a little off the deep end there. I believe the best NLU content is still found live on Twitter these days, and I wish they found a way to translate that to the actual site. That said, there are legitimate gripes to be had, and others that flat out don’t hit home. The few over the past few days are well off the mark.


I don’t see the woke architecture stuff as a problem, because they still put out more regular content than they did before in addition to all of it. I definitely am more interested in their PGA coverage than anything else, and they still are by far the best at it. The architecture stuff is interesting to a point, but I can’t relate because I’m never going to be playing any of these courses.

In terms of watching golf woke, fine architecture and exciting viewing don’t always match up. For example I have always felt that pinehurst seems like it would be one of the most interesting courses to play as a pro—but has made for the most boring US opens to watch because of all of the bump and runs and off green putts on every hole (except 1999 because the rain made it more like dart golf). Another example would be Pebble Beach—-too much variation in shotmaking makes the scoring more spread out. You don’t have as many close finishes there.


to your 4th point i think they are covering the pga tour less and less as they have transitioned to full time and seem to be just taking trips all the time. was there any coverage of the zurich (i understand its the zurich).


I have read through this thread a number of times, going to toss in a few thoughts.
A few weeks ago a member on here replied to my comment in the Shotmakers thread, challenging my opinion that TopGolf has kind of a cool thing going. Not a problem, it was a good discussion. They also shared a link to the Geoff Cunningham podcast with TGJ. I was a big fan of some of the photos I had seen from him, so I had a listen. I enjoyed parts of the conversation, but became very triggered by some of what I was hearing. In my mind, this podcast hits the nail on the head as to what I have been feeling from a certain corner of the golf industry over the past year. Geoff even makes the comment that “the only reason we keep score and use modern equipment is for our own ego”.
I love TGJ, I am a founding subscriber. But I can’t shake this feeling that I get with certain articles I read. Basically, your local muni is not PURE golf.
If you are decked out with the latest gear and apparel, your not playing pure golf.
Pure golf is played with persimmons.
Stroke play? Nah. pure golf doesn’t even keep score, we love the game that much.
Taking a cart? Forget it. Pure golf is walking 7 holes with your all leather Mackenzie bag. (I do happen to love those bags. lol)
To be fair, not all of this is coming from NLU, but I have been getting feeling that this is the life they lust after.

I am 29 yrs old. I love craft beer and avocado toast just as much as the next millennial. But in the golf industry over the past 6 months, I have felt like the guy trying to order a Yuengling while the bearded hipster at the end of the bar rolls his eyes and tells me I should try a beer with real flavor.

At the end of the day, I think this is on me. I need to realize the people in my feed that are causing discontentment, and tune them out. I do also want to be inspired to try new things and broaden my horizons, but a balance needs to be found. I know that I can honestly say I enjoy following the NLU boys. Yes, there are topics that I have scrolled past, but much more good than bad. Keep up the great work, and keep singing your song.