Free golf hole?

Hi everyone!

As the name suggests, I am a pastor, currently at a Methodist church just outside San Antonio. I was so moved by this:

At the church we have some unused flat land, an acre or two in total I think? I haven’t measure exactly. It’s a lot people in the apartments next door use to walk their dogs (we have poop bags/cans set up for public use, not only to clean but to encourage “it’s ok to walk your dog here!”).

I moved here 3 months ago and my first week I was out there hitting wedges with shag balls. Now I’m thinking about how cheap/simple it could be to set up a golf hole. Maybe call the local course and see if they have old mats, pins in the cart barn. Would be a free option for people in the neighborhood to have fun. Just wanting to bless people really. Also, I’d probably play it during work…

Would appreciate any feedback, ideas, encouragement. Thanks!


Brother, Have you come to the right place! San Anotonio is a wonderful golf city and home to many great Refugees (like @jbrooks)

I’m sure ppl are going to #GetInvolved but you should peep these threads.


This is awesome man. Good luck, keep us posted!


I’m scheduled to be in SA for a Superintendent tournament in Nov. If you’re still in need, I can bring several old flags and cups to you.
Also, our driving range mats are being switched out in 2021. I can get a few down to you when the switch occurs


That would be great! I should know by late October if I’m still in need of supplies and we can connect.

Are you a super elsewhere in Texas? Also, I’d like to take the moment to #thankasuper


I’m up in the N Tx area. We have a tournament down there on the 8th. We can chat before I head down.
I appreciate the thanks, but I got into the business for the chicks


You don’t have a logo yet?


Good stuff, wish my Methodist church had that growing up. Great community outreach idea. Free grape juice for hole in ones?


Thanks man. Nice idea with the grape juice. Also could offer prayers of thanksgiving for birdies and forgiveness for bogeys!


Love this. Ask local super intendant. Flags and cups might be sitting around “the barn”


It’s now been 11 days since this brilliant idea was posted and no one has pressed @revkev into adding another tee box and/or squeezing 2 more greens onto this site. What has happened to the Refuge?

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Haha I need to make some progress! Let’s get one hole going then I’ll explore expansion. Probably start as a 100 yard hole, but the future could be a couple shorter holes.

Routing is key: I will most certainly be in trouble if a tee shot breaks a stained glass window! Will someone pray to St. Rappeo that it won’t happen?

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Maybe you’d just need a new stained glass window if that happens! :grin:



Haha. I’m not catholic, but I understand canonization enough to know that @MerchCzar needs to have demonstrated some certified miracles to get on that level. If legit, he could remain among the clouds one day, never to fall down, the perfection of icharito