Food/nutrition on the course

Let’s talk about it. What do you do for tournaments or important rounds? Say, for your club championship or something similar- do you intentionally plan food to keep your energy levels right? What are your favorite on-course snacks, etc.

I’m not looking for super-healthy kale chips or rolled date balls. I know a lot of pros have a smoothie before the round, then have a PB&J or PB & banana sandwich (I think I saw JT saying that.)

I go to the course with no breakfast too often, then grab something from the shop or the cart girl. I think I need to plan out something better, especially for those important tournament rounds.

Give me a reasonable golfer’s answer. :slight_smile:


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Yeah, I know that answer was coming.

Haven’t taken it to the course, yet, but have you ever had a cheese stick and ate it at the same time with some almonds? Like,

  1. have a little cheese
  2. have like 3 raw almonds
  3. enjoy

So good. Clean to eat as well. Is combing small bites of different foods the best way to eat? my column:

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Beef Jerky

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I’m not sure if this is the best way to go, but I try to eat meal relatively close to when I go to the course to warm up (say 1.5hrs and arrive to course 1hr before). Then I have Rx bars that I’ll try to eat around 6-7. I also have energy chews that I’ll try to eat around 12-13. If I’m feeling sluggish middle of front I’ll switch them and eat the chews first. The key is to eat before you feel like you need to. If you eat before you’re tired/hungry hopefully you’ll never get that feeling. If you get tired/hungry you’ll always have a lapse before the food kicks in which is not ideal.

EDIT: I am sensitive to lots of foods, so the brown Rx bar is one of the only things I can eat while I play. I think just something healthy with protein, carbs is what you’re looking for.

Never thought of this and usually get hungry 3/4 of the way through a round. Might have get on this. I’ve sometimes packed some cubed watermelon. Just the Tupperware sometimes leaks or doesn’t fit in your bag very well

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Important to understand what the body uses as fuel and how quickly you can burn it.

Tip 1: Hydrate the day before- not the night before- but the entire day before. Say 40% of your body weight in ounces of water or tea (not coffee) is a good number.

Tip 2: Fats are great and while I like the almond, the macadamia nut is best since it burns cleaner and faster.

Tip 3: Stay the hell away from sugar bcause you’ll crash.


my last round I took a power bar but on the 2nd hole a bird swooped in & took it right out of the cart

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your problem was that you were riding

The course I played last week had one of the best hot dogs I’ve ever had, great way to start the back

Had a burger dog before playing Pasa the last time I was there and played great. Must be the secret.

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I like to slice an apple up and have 2-3 slices with a handful of almonds or little bit of jerky every couple of holes. Then a Cliff Bar after the turn. I have been using the Mio energy drink additive and it helps me stay hydrated and gives a caffeine boost. Plus a protein shake on the drive to the course. For me hydration makes a big difference in how the make nine goes, even more so as the summer drags on here in Tampa.


Pretty much the same…almonds, cliff bars and nuun tabs/water. Usually grab a couple pimento cheese crackers at the halfway house.

I like Nuun water tablets. Thanks for reminding me to reload, I finished a tube last Saturday.

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I always have a bag of pretzels in my golf bag. They are my golf pretzels, not to be confused with my car pretzels or my room pretzels.

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A date and walnut in the same bite is a good go-to.

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Easy read. Lot about hydration, blood sugar levels, snacking, etc.

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I get Uncrustables, makes this super easy. I have one of those gel lined lunch bags that gets put in the freezer overnight, if I keep that in my golf bag by the turn it’s usually thawed out enough so it isn’t frozen, but still cold. I wouldn’t take that with me if I carried, but the added weight on the push cart isn’t a big deal.

Other than that, I usually have some nuts (usually peanuts, cashews, or pistachios) and either jerky, biltong, or one of those beef/turkey sticks. I’ve tried a couple brands that seem healthier than most, The New Primal and Country Archer. I also currently have a couple bags of Biltong Baron which I think is quite good.

I like Jack Links tender bites, but I’m pretty sure Jack Links isn’t very healthy and I haven’t found another brand that sells something similar that is easier to chew than traditional jerky, so if anyone has insight into that, let me know.

I often am running out the door to make a tee time or get to the course early enough to warm up (my own fault, I like sleep), so I have those frozen sausage biscuits which I can heat up and take with me in the car. Definitely not the healthiest choice, but it’s easy calories. If fresh fruit is on hand I’ll also take an apple or something.