Food Network Thread

With the quarantine likely leading to more TV watching and no sports being on, I figured it was okay to open up a thread for a specific network.

Top three shows for me at the moment: Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives, Chopped, Guy’s Grocery Games. So many good ones, though.

Currently watching a Chopped champions episode and the chefs are talking shit to each other and talking back to the judges. What more could you want in a channel?


Triple D is top of the food chain for me on Food Network, Grocery Games is also a fun watch too. Never really like Chopped, but my girlfriend really likes it. We also really like Beat Bobby Flay

We’ve been watching the new season of Top Chef, we usually only watch the Canadian version, but it’s different world now.

I also really like The Flay List. Thought it was a neat idea. Girlfriend wasn’t into it though


I use the DD&D app when traveling and have to say had some great meals and fun places.


It’s pretty amazing what DD&D has turned into. Been on and going strong for 13 years with some 350+ episodes. Also, for your viewing pleasure

I grew up on Food Network, watched Emeril just about every weekend with dad. So that’s in my top 3 Food Network all time. Now, I watch Beat Bobby Flay every week, that one is fun - shorter than Chopped (which is also great), and still features multiple chefs and plates.


My wife is the driver of watching Food Network shows in our house, but I’ll always take a gander at Triple D.

She’s big into Beat Bobby Flay, Chopped, The Kitchen, Girl Meets Farm (shout out ND/MN), or just about anything really. I’ll watch Bobby Flay, but other than that I really don’t care for any of the competition shows. The faux timed drama is ugh to me.

god that’s incredible (although now I’m sad about Bourdain)

If you’re able to find Master Chief Australia, that’s my favourite (not sure if it’s Food Network or another network though)


in my 20’s this show was a huge part of my life


Tons of cooking shows at our house, including the kids ones as our kids really like 'em. Especially cake wars. I believe my 10 year old was making carrot cake from scratch this morning with mom.


Triple D marathon on Friday nights is pretty much a tradition in our house (esp now when no shows or sports to go to). Don’t really like the competition shows, but like Bobby flay’s shows (esp his brunch show on sundays).


Buddy vs. Duff is fun too, although I’m kind of confused about the competition as a whole. Their level of skill and creativity is unfathomable

also, #teamduff

I think it was on Gusto here before, bit sure if it still is

Kids baking championship is our favorite program and then Worst Cooks. Anything Alton Brown of course.

I have watched an unhealthy amount of Chopped in my life. Ive watched it on airplanes. I’ve even watched Chopped After Hours, where the judges pour cocktails and make superior dishes using the same ingredients the contestants flailed away with earlier.

I have Chopped takes. No matter the basket, if you make a hash or French toast, then you have never, ever, ever gone for a par-5 in two.


Worst Cooks is great tv. The first episode of each season is up in must watch territory.

Absolutely die of laughter when the chefs have to make their baseline dish.

I’m a big fan of beat Bobby Flay, I was into chopped until I realized every entree round had the protein pan seared. I am also heavily into masterchef which I know is on fox. Anyone else remember restaurant startup?

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Got to put my hands and and confess I used to be a hater because I enjoy mob rule but I now love DDD. Still would not set foot in his restaurant though if it was still open here in NYC

Ted Allen and Scott Conant are literally the best. I met Scott at an event in Dallas few years back, could not have been nicer.

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Chopped is America’s 4th major sport (hockey is 5th). The description below is one part of an episode that was one of the greatest moments in sports history.

In Hot Water
After running through the kitchen with a pot in her hands, Chef Yoanne Magris slips and spills boiling water on herself, resulting in second-degree burns on both of her legs. Instead of leaving the show, Yoanne toughs it out and competes in extreme pain so that she can win money to visit her ill grandmother in France.


My wife’s friend has been on Chopped 3 times and it really changed the way I watched the show once I learned the contestants could hear the judge’s comments the whole time. Turns out sometimes those tips about how meats should be prepared are as much for the chefs as they are the audience.