Florida Golf Trip

I’m planning a trip with 3 other friends to Florida between February - April this year. What are the best courses and areas to visit? We’re only there for 3-4 days so we can likely only visit one area (unless there’s a course near an airport we should play before driving to our destination). Ideas? Thanks so much!

Which part of Florida?


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We’re flexible. We’ve considered Tampa and Miami but open to any city/area with great golf to be played.

For Tampa-ish, maybe you could do a stay and play at Streamsong for two days (could probably get all three courses in), then head to the north of Tampa for another two days and do the same thing at Innisbrook or Black Diamond Ranch (the Quarry Course looks cool) or World Woods GC (the Pine Barrens course looks sweet). All of these are top-30 courses in Florida and within 2 hours of each other.

Played both courses at World Woods last March, pretty solid courses about an hour from the Tampa airport. We played Rolling Oaks in a lot of rain and then Pine Barrens in a lot of wind which made things interesting. The short course and putting course were a ton of fun. We probably messed around on the putting course for at least an hour after playing 36. Haven’t gotten to Streamsong yet but if you can swing that definitely do it. Innisbrook might be tough depending on when you go with The Valspar being in March.

Miami is the best destination in terms of nightlife and non-golf amenities, but the golf isn’t the best (unless you head up to Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm). Skip Doral, way overpriced for the quality of course.

Orlando has some fun golf and is easy/cheap to get to.

Tampa is underrated for golf, but there is more driving involved between courses.

My buddy just went to Miami/Ft. Lauderdale and we made a blog/podcast about it: https://tccgolf.club/TCCtrips/2019/1/2/taking-our-talents-to-south-beach

My vote is Tampa, but I am a little biased considering I grew up there. Never found Miami to have great golf and is usually crazy overpriced.

You can do a stay and play at World Woods. 2 championship courses with a 9 hole course and massive putting green. Only downfall is you are out in the middle of Brooksville, not too much to do around there as far as nightlife.

If you stay in Tampa/Clearwater there are great public tracks all around, you’d just have to drive to each destination. If you play your cards right you might be able to find yourself on one of the private courses in the area. (Old Memorial, Palma Ceia, Belleair CC, Avila) Maybe try and reach out to the head pros and see what they can do for you. (Palma Ceia is gonna be a long shot, that is some old Tampa money and pretty damn exclusive, but a fun course right in the middle of Tampa.)

Took the job of putting together my friends first golf buddies trip. We are looking to go to Florida around NYE just for 3 days or so. Looked into Jacksonville, Tampa and Miami but wanted to see what you guys think. We’re all 24, some of us are “good” golfers and some are pretty damn bad. Open to any suggestions and help thanks!