Fitting Chamber: post swing, specs, seek questionable advice

Come one, come all, to meet the most knowledgeable man of them all. Who will step forth into the chamber, admitting their equipment is possibly (probably) insufficient, to seek the advice of the great @Lazstradamus?


@Lazstradamus I live in Denver, play a 44.25" driver shaft, and can only carry it 250-270. Should I swing harder, play a longer shaft, or quit golf and take up tennis?


@Lazstradamus long time first time. Currently struggling with a 4 way miss and this ongoing breakup with my s.o. is really fucking with my confidence over the ball. Which driver shaft do you recommend?


@Lazstradamus I am 6’5 and hit the ball 30 yards shorter than any decent player I play with. This may be partially due to the natural slice I battle but I also want to blame it on my shafts. Clubs are 2 inches longer than normal and I play some pretty stiff shafts. Please advise.

2" long? damn…

im 6’5 and play +1"

It would be awesome if Laz never posts in this thread and it’s basically just a golf fitting prayer box; because so far that’s what it reads like.


I may have misspoke. They are most definitely 1.5 but I want to say 2. Would honestly have to check.

Western wall of the refuge


they very well might be, just seems long

did you get fitted for that length or just buy something you found longer than stock?

Fitting at a local golf shop

Only an inch? I’m 6’6 and play +2" and 2 degrees upright. Had to move up from +1.5" bc I felt like I could barely reach the ground

i could probably stand to have them a little longer…i hit my stock length 56/60 the most accurate in the bag though haha

in all fairness i didnt get fitted, i just found some shit that was +1 for a good price and bought them

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Makes sense. I went looking for some decent heads I could reshaft and I barely ever saw any over standard length. Not too many talls playing the game apparently.

No idea how you even make contact with the stock length wedges though

Height doesn’t matter as much as your arm length and wrist-to-floor. I’m 6’3" and play standard length because I’ve got crazy long, Dustin Johnson arms. I have a 6’9" friend who plays +1" for the same reason.


i went to GG and hit a bunch of the irons a couple years ago…went in wanting the M1/M2 as i liked the look, ended up loving the 716 ap1s

got lucky and found some used 716 ap1 in may of 2017 that were +1 for $490, so i bought them

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agreed…i did a small free fitting with the titleist guy at a demo day and he said the +1 i had was a good length for me

Nothing constructive to add, just that I’m a fellow tall guy (6’6") and I play +1 and 3 up on my irons. Stock on driver, 3-wood, and hybrid. I added 3/4" to my wedges, but kept them stock lie and I can’t hit them for shit.

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big boys taking over the fitting chamber


@Lazstradamus. 5’10" 145lb., 35 year old cisgender white male checking in.

110 swing speed with driver. Bad swings have a snappy tempo at transisition, but good swings are quick. Mizuno’s shaft optimizer has my tempo at a 5. Getting too laid off at the top (right shoulder is too low), causing me to dump all my lag halfway through the downswing and FLIP IT at the end. When i remember my mental checklist before each shot, i can play a nice straight ball, with a 5-10 yard draw on the driver depending on the day.

Currently in a standard 9 degree Callaway Rogue with a Blue Evenflow 6.0 shaft. i can carry to 265 in normal conditions. I’m looking for your suggestions on an aftermarket shaft option for around $150.

my wife is still learning where to stand to take video.

I need to get a current driver swing recorded


Working @nandersen’s driver now. Sadly, his “Raost My Swing” vids are all partial. Can’t see transition, but I feel like I have what I need. This will take 10-15 minutes. We can tackle the next caller (@Bagger) next.