First Cut Podcast


What are your thoughts on The First Cut with Kyle Porter?
I really like Kyle and think he’s one of the better up and coming golf writers out there. Always kills it when he’s on the NLU pod. His stuff is great on this podcast as well but I just can’t get behind Chip Patterson. I like the format of having someone set up the questions for Kyle to let it fly, but Chip just doesn’t have anywhere close to the knowledge base that he needs. He’s a casual golf fan at best and kind of drags the show down a notch by not being as completely immersed in golf as someone who co-hosts a tour-centric golf podcast should be.


I think you nailed it. I don’t listen to every pod the way I do others because of Chip.

I really like Kyle as a writer and I do think he does a nice job on that podcast


My thoughts exactly.


I don’t care for Kyle Porter.

With all due respect, I just don’t find any of his stuff funny, smart, or original.


“I forget the stat, but Tiger made something like * looks down at notebook of stats prepared for the podcast * 99.2% of putts inside of 10 feet”


Perfectly said. I had to unsubscribe, Chip is just brutal. His fake NASCAR-esque radio voice screams of daytime sports network commentary.

Kyle’s dry wit delivery is spot-on, but I’m all out on the podcast.


Agree completely, it seems that people think that having this format of having one real knowledgeable guy and one ‘regular’ fan makes it more approachable, but I think it just makes the ‘regular’ guy’s lack of knowledge all the more glaring and annoying. I have the same complaint about the Shackhouse podcast, Shackleford is great, super knowledgeable and smart, but House and his antics just drive me nuts, he’s unlistenable. I’m willing to give Kyle’s pod some time though, he’s a likeable guy.


Could not agree more on the Shackhouse podcast. I could listen to Shackelford talk about any golf topic forever, but House is a dummy. He ruins the whole pod for me. The fact that he has managed some sort of niche media career out of being SImmons ‘hilarious’ buddy is insane


between house and the tons of ads i cant listen to shackhouse at all.