First Buddies Golf Trip


Hello All, My buddies and I are planning on going on a golf trip next february during my school vacation (i’m a teacher). In trying to start planning I was wondering a couple of things. We are thinking of going to San Diego. We have a buddy who lives in Sacramento already.

  1. what comes first finding the package or the amount of people who can go first?
  2. Is it easier to stay at a airbnb and play the courses that way or find a golf package and stay at their resort.
  3. Any recommendations for San Diego. For sure want to play Torrey!
  4. Has anyone used a certain website to book hotel/golf for the trip?


Getting people/the right # of people to commit is the hardest part. Assume 1 or 2 will bail and it will take a long time to get everyone to formally commit, pay, book travel, etc.

Try to shoot for numbers that will maximize the most fun, usually 4-8 so you dont ever get paired with other people and can have fun with your group.

Id say those are higher priority and harder to accomplish than finding a package, course, etc.


we have 5 solid commits right now. Definitely want to add 1 more for two 3somes


You should definitely start pricing things out soon too and making sure everyone is aware, that tends to spook people.


I’ve been going to Myrtle Beach for about 15 years with anywhere from 3-11 college buddies. I agree with the comments above on setting expectations of cost. We play a rotation of the top 8-10 courses, but one thing that you might want to consider is specifics of accommodations. For years, we did 2 bed, 2 bath condos. Several years ago, we decided to rent a large house where everyone was under the same roof. Best decision ever. Buddies Trips are often about “the hang” after golf, and having the entire group together is a big part of that.