Final Round of 1968-2017 Masters tournaments on Youtube. Which ones should I watch?


I just watched player win the 1978 and watched hubert green miss a 4 footer to force a playoff. He yipped it big time!!!

BTW I think I need to get green pants after watching that Masters! LOL


2011 is the best Masters in terms of drama


Depends how old you are!

Phil winning his first was pretty good, so was Jack in 86 as Seve had it wrapped up and made the wrong club choice at the wrong time and cost him his 3rd green jacket


I have really enjoyed watching the earlier years. Great people-watching in the background. I love the old broadcasters like Vin Scully and Jack Whitaker.

The Augusta National caddies are great to watch for so many reasons: they talk to the ball in the air, they tend the flag on almost every putt, and there are forecaddies to repair pitch marks and rake bunkers.

The eerie thing is that with the control of the club, the broadcast feels the same from 1968 as last year.

From a golf design perspective, I like seeing the more open design and watching the ball run on the ground.

Ones that I have watched so far: 1968, 1974, 1975, 1980, 1981, 1996


As I’ve watched more, it’s staggering how often Tiger and Phil are in contention. It’s relentless, year after year. Even when they fade, they’re a part of the script almost every year. And Spieth is on his way towards being the next player like this.

I think we need like a book club, except for masters broadcasts. We all watch a new one every week or something to discuss.


2011 is madness bizzaro world Masters.

The Tiger charge but then flame out? He missed a 5 foot eagle putt on 15, 3 putted from 30 feet on 12 and had 180 yards with his 2nd on 13 and par’d it. He also had reasonably makeable birdie putts on 14 and 16. It could have easily been a historically great round.
Then you have Schwartzel hole out on the first and 3rd. The shot on the first is easily one of the most underrated masters shots ever.
You had all the Aussies in the mix.
KJ Choi was rock solid on that course for 2 consecutive years. Seriously he didn’t finish worse than t8 for 8 consecutive rounds. Spieth like.
Bo Van Pelt! El Pato! Luke Donald… I mean what the.
And then of course the meltdown by Rory.
We discount it because Schwartzel was a relative no name but man it was tour de force in terms of drama.

Everyone talks about the flag stick and 2013 as the one that got away from Tiger. 2011 is that one for me. He caught all the breaks and just never capitalized on the back 9. He easily should have been - 13 or - 14 standing on 16 tee box. Golf is weird.
Also the broadcast and sheer pace and quality of shots over a 2 hour period was insanity. It’s not like Schwartzel went Webb Simpson and had it fall in his lap either. He birdied the final 4 holes!


2015 video…that first 36 second. Did Jim Nantz need to lie down after it? Dear me that’s a lot of excitement crammed in to 36 seconds.


Watched '75 and '04 yesterday. '04 is somehow underrated. What incredible drama and what an unbelievable story.

Question for you guys - we’re gonna do a “Rewatchables” stream on Periscope on Tuesday night. What year would you like to see us do it for?


Does it not have to be 1997? Tiger finishing off his demolition job and changing golf forever.

Also, great chance to throw in some commentary about the clothes, the clubs and the #toursauce.


The problem with that is that it’s such a runaway… I think if we’re gonna do a Tiger year, it’s gotta be '01, which is also somehow under appreciated. Tiger, Phil, Duval, and the Tiger Slam!

  1. Because Chris DiMarco was actually good? Showed some serious stones down the stretch and probably should have won. Tiger didn’t even play very well in the final round. He won it late saturday/early Sunday with his 7 straight birdie run in the 3rd round.


Point well made. I think its hard to see past a Tiger year, and then as you say hard to see past '01. And this could be the first of many ‘rewatchables’ I would hope?!


We forget that Dimarco was this close to winning multiple majors from 04-06. T6 in 04 Masters, T2 in 04 PGA (playoff), 2 in 05 Masters (playoff), 2 in 06 Open.


Either 09 or 11…11 for the obvious reasons mentioned above…09 for the Tiger/Phil stuff. Could you even imagine a full-force golf twitter reacting to those charges?


Watched some of '11 the other day, the chip in by Charl on #1 is underrated at how brilliant that shot was on an impossible green. The 1st hole there still is under appreciated for it’s difficulty I think, what a slap in the face start it is.


As a lefty, I’m partial to Phil. Have rewatched '04 and '06 and just hitting the back nine of '10. '04 and '10 much more excitement, but one takeaway rewatching the last two is how well Couples hit the ball tee to green. He made a good share of birdies, but damn if he didn’t miss close to 10 birdie or eagle putts from 8 feet or less. Could’ve had 3 jackets in his closet! Got to go - Anthony Kim about to destroy the back nine.


I’m watching 1998 right now, a couple things stand out:
13 was only 485 yards
Fred Couples hit 3 iron from 205 to reach it.
The coverage didn’t show a live shot until 15 minutes in.
The leaders are already 6 holes in before you see them.
I don’t know how long 7 was but guys are pitching it on


I finally got around to watching 2011 last night. That was good sh*t. Obviously a stacked leaderboard but so many holed putts down the stretch.
The meltdown by Rory was pretty classic.
Also… man Tiger has a shot at that one. 3 putt on 12. 2nd shot into #13 went over the back of green which led to a (bad) par and then the missed eagle putt on 15. Who knows what happens if he “post” a 64 or 65 which he soooo could’ve done.
Super entertaining.

Next up I am going 2004 Phil.


I’ve been injecting these into my veins non-stop lately. Some random observations:

  • Jim Nantz loves saying the total number of strokes a player took, instead of his score to par, when he finishes. Note how many times he says, “He posts 280” or “He comes in at 278”. That is Peak Augusta National right there.
  • If you could run Greg Norman’s career at Augusta in a simulator, and run 10,000 simulations, you wouldn’t have one simulation in which he doesn’t win a green jacket. How in the world did he never win one.
  • McRib’s ejection in 2011 would be 50x more painful if it wasn’t for Congressional. So brutal. Not the stuff at 10 even, but the 3 holes after (3 putt from 10 ft, 4 putt from 20 ft, Rae’s Creek at 13). At one point, CBS put up their leaderboard graphic…everyone on page 1, under par in final round. Everyone on page 2, under par too…with one exception, Rory’s big black +7 sticking out in a sea of red numbers. It’s kind of an amazing sight.
  • Most brutal forgotten ejection: Rocco Mediate in 2006. 2 back entering Amen Corner, took a 10 at 12.
  • Listen, NBC and CBS. I know there’s contracts and stuff. I don’t care. You two sit in a room and figure out what you need to do to get Feherty back at Augusta. I don’t care what the contracts say. Get it done.
  • If you don’t remember 2007, flip on the first few minutes and wait for the first leaderboard to come up. Holy crap. ANGC actually let that happen one year.
  • They made an error in uploading 2014 - no CBS graphics in the video. It’s almost like ANGC knew, “yeah, we know, we’re sorry about Bubba, please just skip this one”.
  • Jim Nantz quote during the '95 final round: “He seems destined to win a green jacket…at least one.” As Mickelson finished. Hey, props where props are due for Nantz.
  • Listen to Verne’s call of Norman at 16 in 1996. Savage. Lets out a “nope” as the ball is in the air…then later, “this one candidly might go down as one of the great final round collapses in major tournament history”. Such an underrated call perfectly capturing the moment.
  • Random coincidence that fascinates me: 2005, Butler Cabin shared by the 3 players who were the last 3 to win both the US Am and the NCAA title in the same year (Tiger, Phil, Ryan Moore). (the Mad Scientist has since screwed up this statistic)


One thing that always gets me jacked up is golf montages, so I’ve been watching the opening 10 minutes or so of various years. The opening packages have been getting better/more dramatic over time. But if any of you have a few minutes to kill, please watch the first couple minutes of the 2003 tourney (Weir year)…for whatever reason the producers decided to weave in a Bryan Adams song during the opening montage/Nantz voiceover and it is one of the most bizarre things I have ever witnessed.