Final Round of 1968-2017 Masters tournaments on Youtube. Which ones should I watch?


I just started playing and following golf a few years ago. I’m not old enough to remember when Tiger was good or anything before that. Which rounds would you guys recommend that I watch?


I’d start with



I am a big fan of Seve so I rewatched the 80 and 83 masters. Almost wished they had the commercials as well it would be fun to see how things have changed!


I watched 2005 last night. I forgot how solid DiMarco played down the stretch.


I always thought 2011 was sneaky good. There’s a lot happening during the back 9


I watched 1985 this week after listening to the Curtis Strange/Mark O’Meara podcast. The 85 Masters were a little before my time, so it was cool to watch and put the actual shots into context after hearing Curtis Strange talk about them. Although, he didn’t seem to like the shot that trickled into the pond on 15 as much as he says he did on the pod haha


I did the exact same thing


Was watching the 86 masters–the year I was born. Clothing was ugly AF back then. Wow


I watched about the first hour or so of the 1997 broadcast the other night. Interesting little time capsule, as I’m sure these all are. The entire broadcast team wearing blazers and ties in their intros, young, clean-shaven, puffy Feherty. And a “blink and you’ll miss it” look at Jack’s playing partner as he finishes on 18, Lee Westwood playing in his first Masters. Doesn’t even get his name mentioned on the broadcast.


Watch 03, 07 and 16. All tied for the best Masters ever. Easily the best champions, no doubt.


A lot from this decade are worth your time. 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2017 will be good fun.

2009 is sneaky good because you had Tiger and Phil going OFF together well before Cabrera, Perry, and Campbell get to the second nine. 2004 and 2005 are also gonna be ones you’ll wanna watch. If you view all eight of those, it’ll be time for the Par 3 contest before you know it.


I loved the 1992 Masters. Fred Couples at Amen Corner was compelling drama. The leaderboard won’t knock your socks off, but I thought it was a really fun tournament.


I watched this one the other night because Fred Couples was the first golfer I remember being a fan of. Poor Craig Parry putted so badly that day. It was hard to watch even 25+ years later.


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Are we sure that Danny Willett isn’t setting up shop at the Natty Shack this year?


His brother would never let him sell “american pissy beer”


1986, 1996, 1997, 2001, 2004, 2005, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2017 & damn we’ve had some epic Sundays in recent years


Must watch just for the historical aspect: 86, 97, 04.

Other suggestions:
98 - that Nicklaus run…the opening of that broadcast still gives me chills 20 years later. Then the great finish.
11 - just the sheer madness of it all, even the announcers couldn’t believe how many players had a chance. Also features the greatest birdie I’ve ever seen, by Luke Donald on the 72nd hole
02 - not the most exciting, but the one that summed up the Tiger era perfectly. 5 world class players trailing Tiger, and no one could do anything.


I’ve been engrossed with this for the past two days skipping around to the famous parts…Jacks 86 and 75, Phil’s first, tigers first, tigers 16 chip, Faldo slaying the shark, robert divincenzos post scorecard interview, Fred couples and Jim Nantz ready to cry together in butler cabin, Nicklaus making a charge at the beginning of ‘98 (I still remember the chills on “folks you are not going to believe this” at the beginning)——there is SO much drama packed in.

I know there is so much CBS hate on here, but this reminds me of how they are the true professionals. I can’t ever imagine NBC doing the masters with Maltbie and Koch ”welp”ing all over the course. I forgot how good Venturi and summerall were.


2011 is One of my all time favorites