Filming Your Swing: Your Setup and Experience


Seeing my swing on video for the first time…went something like this…

  1. Setup: “You’ve put on a few pounds there, big boy”
  2. Takeaway: “If the tin man had Tourettes syndrome…he’d still be smoother than you”
  3. Downswing: “So that’s where 40 yard slices come from.”
  4. Follow-through: “That actually looks OK”.

This is #elite company, so I don’t need to tell you guys about the importance of filming your swing. But for all the donkeys I see at the range topping and whiffing, I just want to put a phone in their hands so bad so they can see their head bopping all over the place their balance going everywhere etc.

I’m using the Selfie Golf clip, which holds my phone, attaches to an alignment stick and clips to my bag. Then the V1 app that allows for frame by frame viewing. Both of them do the job, but I’m always looking for new approaches.

What do you guys use to film and what have you found?


I do film my swing and it makes me cringe. I have a set up in my basement and make my 10 year old daughter come down and take slo mo videos so I can review. It’s a whole process to get her to do it and quite frankly, tired of it. I have thought about taking the GoPro out on the course and clipping it on my back or push cart but never remember to throw it in my bag when leaving for the course. I like your ideas, saw a feature on the Selfie clip on a show one day…will look at that set up for the future


Watching videos of me swinging has motivated me to hit the gym…


I’ve got a GoPro that hangs inverted on a selfie stick between my wedges in my golf bag. Luckily the GoPro is smart enough to flip the inverted camera angle and the wedges on either side keep it very stable. 1080p120 or 720p240 gives a ton of context between what I’m feeling and what I’m actually doing.

Every time I do it (once every 6-8 months) I find something really productive to work on and I promise myself I’ll film again in a month. I’m better at keeping the fix than the promise to film again at regular intervals.

I’ve also learned to wear long pants and tuck in my shirt for the video… jeans and a tshirt are not the way to go.


which GoPro do you have?


The hudl technique iphone app is pretty solid. I film with the iphone slow mo camera and then import it to that app.


Nothing more depressing than the first time you see your swing on video. Conversely though, if you’re making swing changes there is gratification in seeing how much better (still not good) your swing looks over time.

I’ll give another plug for Hudl app, can actually film directly in there no need to film in the camera and then import. Can then export from there if you need though.

So frustrating when you prop the phone up on something to take a video, make a swing and turn around to learn the phone fell over and filmed the sky/ground.


I’ve got a Hero5 Black. It’s great. With the wifi, you can check the framing and start/stop recording from your phone.


Yeah I know, but filming with the iphone slow mo camera then importing is much better quality. Try it out. I used to film directly in the app but haven’t since I figured that out.


Iphone slow-mo camera is amazing. Great way to check your positions.


I took a video lesson once and was ruined for the season. I’d heard some ‘good swing’ comments after some actually good shots and took that to believe I swing it like peak Ernie Els, not a monkey humping a camel. Boy was I mistaken. Now I only want to see the finish.

I don’t have any of the apps some of you mentioned but I’ll second the slow mo on iphone camera, pretty cool feature, I don’t mind checking out if I’m taking it back square or inside.


@TC_Chen69 my swing looks bad enough in poor quality, god only knows what it would look like in HD!