Favorite vs Most disliked player

If they dislike him for his golf game that’s one thing, but it seems they have something against the person that is Jordan Spieth which is wild to me. Kuchar skimped a caddie I get it, Reed has done a lot of bad I definitely get it, Poulter tries to get people on twitter fired from their jobs I get it. Spieth whined a couple times to his caddie? If someone can help me understand that piece I’d love it.


Webb Simpson is the exception in the top 10 and is managing his hot streak well.

He’s not going to be up there for years and be a perennial contender in multiple majors every year like most of the other top 10. Albeit, a great player, making the absolute most of his talents.

12th at Augusta scars are deep.

@Sebastiaan completely agree. If I were a Euro fan I would probably love the dude.

Love Spieth and Bryson is just the WORST

There’s literally a whole thread about shitting on and/or loving on Spieth. C’mon guise.

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I may have mentioned that, but when the Brits attack our golden boy we must defend @official_Grant

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well I’d say you better find a new golden boy.

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As a fellow Kentucky graduate, I pull for J.B. Holmes, but that doesn’t mean that I like to watch him. When I watch him it is typically highlights on YouTube so my eyes won’t burn out of my skull from watching him live. Harry Higgs is also rocketing up the leader board when it comes to must-see-moments and I am not opposed to the idea of him being in contention every week. Least favorite player to watch has got to be Rahm, the whole thing with his caddie last year at The Players infuriates me. Plus he looks like a child every time he mishits a ball. Favorites by far have to be Louis and Fred Couples. For showmanship I love Kevin Na and JT.

As an Auburn alum, I’ll ride with Duf and Patton until they put away the sticks. Other favorites are Rickie and Xander.

Living with a guy who grew up in England, I actively root against Euro players during the season just to grind his gears but I can’t say I dislike any of them, save Sergio and Poults. The past two Ryder Cups have tested our friendship.

Yet, here are Spieth’s 2015 SG stats…

Looks pretty well rounded to me.

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To keep the thread on topic, Spieth is my favorite player. I will defend him until the day I die. Won my first “big” sports bet on his 2015 Masters win and he made a fan for life.

Dislike: Sergio and Poulter


We already have a Spieth thread on here, FFS y’all

clearly this has been mentioned, and replied to. Thanks for keeping up though

are you familiar with @3wiggle ?

Ye, he was the best player in the world that year by a fair distance. So his stats are going to add up and you aren’t going to do that and really have a weakness and he had a lot of very good days.

Also when you are hitting the ball well, you don’t get a great opportunity to add strokes putting as you’re not adding much for holing 5 birdie putts inside 12 feet. I’d still say his putting was what stood him apart during his successful years. Especially the bogey avoidance.

Now his all round game isn’t in great shape. Decent short game, but streaky putter.

Love this take. Just because it gets silly when NLU/the refuge make their major predictions and it seems like 99 percent of everyone includes him as their pick for everything. “Butbutbut look at his stats, look at his trackman numbers”. No look at him losing his shit on the course - and wait until that’s gone in a major before we can even start to consider him.

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Pick four to have drinks and dinner at Bada Bing. John Daly is banned.


@anon26814599 is like the volunteer deputy to @3wiggle, one that isn’t allowed to carry a gun but calls in suspicious activity to the dispatchers all the time

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