Favorite Old Graphite Shafts

Anyone else have a 10+ year old graphite shaft that they just cant seem to part with? For me it’s the Aldila NV. I have a 75X in a 5 wood and you’ll have to pull that shaft from my cold dead hands.

Let’s hear some other “oldies, but goodies” of the graphite world.

I cautiously approved this post. I somewhat regret approving this post…


True Temper Ei-70 was a machine.
Graphite Design Ys-7 remains in my golf bag.




I had a Penley Stealth 70 in my Cobra SS 350 just about 20 years ago. It still holds my PR long drive. Found one on eBay a couple of years ago. At some point, I’ll make a purchase on the head and get it put together.

I still have the whiteboards from 2015ish in both my 3 wood and hybrid. Have not found anything better

Original Diamana Blueboard in a fairway wood.


I was huge into the EI-70 shaft in both my great big Bertha driver and Orlimar Trimetal 3 wood.

Absolutely favorite shaft of mine was the Graffoloy Pro Launch I had that baby in both my 983K and 905R

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My personal favorite pre-2010 was the Fujikura 757 Speeder


The graphite shaft that was super popular when I was a kid was the Aldila HM-40 (which everyone called the “Aldila Gold”).


Still playing woods with a bubble shaft.


Did you have that UST when you were 10?
(If you still have it, I want it)

12 years old in a 975F 3 wood. Sadly no longer have it.

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The stock Matrix Ozik X-Con5 in my RBZ 3w has me looking for its direct replacement, whatever they are calling the White Tie now in their alphabet soup shaft names.

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Aldila VS-Proto. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Before the company became Matrix they were called Apache and they made great iron shafts! I also loved the XCon 5, Altus, and of course the TP-7 (I had both the X and not). I also had an Apache driver shaft that flexed so nicely.

The Taylormade Reax shaft that came standard in the Burner woods. Super whippy and very easy to hit straight.

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The reason I ended up with the Penley was because the ProLaunch Red that I had installed failed. I was excited to get the call that it was finished. I paid and walked straight to the range. About 6 swings later, finishing my follow through, the club head was dangling about 8-10 inches up the shaft.

Does anyone remember the AJ Tech Red Hot from the mid 90s? It had an oversized butt, and was meant to play without a grip.

I remember seeing them for sale in catalogs around that time, but don’t think I ever saw someone playing with one in the wild.

Hurry, don’t miss their 2009 Labor Day Sale:

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I’m gonna hold off on ordering until I hear back from customer service with details of their warranty. I saw a UGA player crack 3 of those shafts over the summer of 1996. IIRC, the shafts were about $400 back then.

to be honest, if I didn’t keep it, I don’t know. I remember Aldila was king, but I was pretty un-woke back then. Just played to play. I was my lowest index ever when I was about 24, and I barely remember giving a shit. All I remember was is that I played Titleist only…wouldn’t even pick up another type of ball. Or anything other than a white tee.