Favorite NLU Content


What’s everyone’s favorite thing about NLU?

  • Pods/Blog
  • Tourist Sauce
  • Strapped
  • Refuge
  • NLU Twitter

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The twitter account?


I consume and love everything NLU, but having The Refuge confirm I’m not alone in my obsession has done wonders for my self-esteem.


Apologies - quick edit to remedy that omission (and made the early results clear out)!


I’m a big fan of most of the NLU stuff as I imagine most folks who are here are but I really like Strapped and Tourist Sauce.


How to decide. Love it all. Even the periscope from Jax Beach muni this afternoon was enjoyable. The bagpipes and the fast paced clips of the Scotland Tourist Sauce promo gives me chills. Soly on Twitter is legendary. DJ doesn’t get enough credit. Strapped exceeded all expectations. The post-game shows are awesome. Tron is a genuine star. The pods are essential listening. Randy - what can I say. We are blessed.


Where’s the “all of the above” option in the poll?


Make 4 burner accounts and vote for each one time… but really I didn’t want one choice getting 100% of the vote :slight_smile:


For me it’s the Tour coverage.

I’ve got other outlets for great golf travel and architecture content already, which is not to say NLU’s contributions in this space aren’t welcome, just that this isn’t where there was a hole in my life.

But the tour player interview podcasts, “Live From” twitter videos, Tournament commentary tweets and tournament wrap up podcasts are where NLU scratches my itch and fills what is otherwise a massive void.

An idea perhaps as a crossover for Tour content and architecture/travel content could be the group going to Tour courses where players have hit iconic shots and trying to reproduce them. Do it in the lead up to the tourney, make a sick video of the attempt to recreate the shot (presented by BMW), get a preview podcast out of it as well (shoutout Callaway) and all the streams are taken care of.

First one could naturally be at TPC Sawgrass with an attempt to recreate Tiger’s putt on 17 and Halimony’s approach to 18 (while wearing a Strata hat, please).


Currently I need more of Strapped :drooling_face:

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Thinking back to the deep dive pods on the Ryder Cup and Tiger Woods. They were brilliant.


I wonder what the NLU guys think about Strapped getting a higher percentage than the Tourist Sauce?

It sure seems like they put a lot more into the Sauce videos/series but I for one do like the Strapped better.


Tourist Sauce is by far my favorite, but it seems like they should’ve had a lot more content than what they published. The videos are far too short. I want a more personal look at their journey.


I agree with this, I want more content from their actual trip and less about the course history. That’s just me.

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Agree. Just want more and love it all. It’s high praise for NLU.


Definitely love the tourist sauce series. I do get a major headache from all the use of the focusing in and out on any of the still media, what’s up with that @djpie? Sorry, maybe I shouldn’t watch these drunk…

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Lol – that’s how we keep the millennials engaged as fuck.


In case anyone is interested in more written #content, I kind of forgot I wrote a bunch of tournament history things for the site a few years ago. Seeing the phrase 9 & 8 on Twitter just now jogged my memory. Here’s the one from the Match Play:

Also, I don’t think the crew gets nearly enough credit for their past written work. This from Soly in 2014 was a tour de force.


This video was freaking awesome. I’m a little biased being a former CDL driver myself, but watching @Randy accuse @Tron of wanting to pick up a Lot Lizard was pure gold. Trucker CB lingo spices up every road trip.


This is one of my favorite things they have done. Just a solid and well executed idea.