Favorite Grips

Did a quick search but only found a thread on putter grips, but interested in your favorite grips.

I’m overdue for a regripping. Used to do an extra tape wrap below the lower hand, but have been using GP MCC +4 midsize grips for awhile.

I’ve never been super up to date about gear before (played the same DCIs for 20 years). I just learned about custom ferrules (which I now desperately want), so hoping to learn something about grips as well.

What have I been missing?

Not sure what you have or have not missed this grip but it has been my choice for years now. Good for hot days in Florida and cool days in PA.

Golf Pride Z grip



+1 for the Z grip

My last change over I did them all on my own, and really enjoyed it (after swearing through the first 2-3 grips). Excited to do so again soon

Edit: I also think I’m OUT on the new “align” fad, just doesn’t feel right. Just ordered a new 3W from CPO and going to give it a whirl, but likely to change it


Yes I’ve been putting my own grips on for 15 years now. It gets way easier once you have done a couple of sets. I use plenty of solvent that recycles. I buy the GP Z grips in bulk if I find a good price or sale, so I can replace when needed and I don’t buy the the alignment ones. I also always put the golf pride name on the underside - no idea why.

I went to midsize a few years ago and for me they are perfect.

Lamkin UTx midsize. Good for humid conditions and lasts forever.


Do you have a good table top vise? That was definitely my biggest struggle I feel like. Coupled with being very shy on the solvent the first few because I didn’t want to run out!

Lamkin Crossline oversize…swear by them.


Like the Lamkins as well, used to play with those.

Bog standard vice from Home Depot.

Solvent tray and tube from a variety of sellers

Then just buy bulk solvent and grip tape as and when you run out.


I’m on MCC +4 standard, which feels like the Lamkin midsize to me.

I’m a lamkin guy- quality family Chicago company- cheaper than GP.

I switched to the UTX last year from crossline and LOVE them. I’m a sweaty mess like @Soly and the cord helps a ton. But not quite as rough on the hands as crossline cords. Plus the tacky element is nice. If they start to lose grip at all- wash them and use a little sand paper and they come right back.

I install my own now. No vise- just freehand it. Tons of solvent. I build up the bottom hand with 2 extra wraps on top of the base tape. Midsize has been a revelation.


Winn Excel Midsize for me…not a dri tac guy.

Pure DTX grips. Plus they’re made to be blown on, which is nice not having to deal with solvent clean up.

GP MCC on my woods, irons and 52 deg, z grips on my 56 and 60, and a lamkin deep etched full cord pistol style grip on my putter. I do all my own regripping with mineral spirits and no vice, save for my putter. I leave that for the pros.

Have to echo the support for Lamkin. Used Golf Pride for years and found that the grips don’t perform well in the wet and that they lose their tack quite quickly. Lamkin Crossline are the best, and in wet weather are unbelievable. Easily the best grip. You can also get corded versions of the crossline which are even better, but there’s not that much difference.

Stay away from Golf Pride though!

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I’ve been using the Golf Pride CP2 Pro and like them. Has anybody tried the SuperStroke Traxion Tour grips? I’ve only used their putter grips but am considering giving them a try when I re-grip this spring.


Yes what he said - we know F*** all.

Never said that? Just giving my two cents. Lamkin aren’t nearly as well known as Golf Pride and I believe they are much better grips on nearly every level.

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At the risk of stating the obvious, the hook blade is pretty instrumental in ripping the old guys off.


Add another vote for Lamkin Crossline. I use the oversize (jumbo), but that’s a matter of taste. Brand name goes under the club, so I don’t get too anal about lining it up perfectly and don’t have to see the ugly font. Converted from Tour Velvet about 10 years ago and not looking back.


Hook blade works fine but you can also score graphite if your too aggressive with it.

I use normal blade and score the grip lengthways a couple of times making sure not to go all the way through. Make a cut at end of grip and pull apart. People often score or cut graphite shafts under the grip.