Favorite Golf Books/Recommendations


Have some travel come up and looking to get some reading ammo for the plane. Does anyone have recommendations of great golf books I could pick up?

Professional memoirs/History of Golf/Golf architecture/Greatest Courses and everything in between.

Really just looking for some compelling reads that you all have across.


Harvey Penick - Little Red Book
Mark Broadie - Every Shot Counts (A real page turner if you like math/stats)


Start with Men in Green - Michael Bamberger :ok_hand:


I’m finishing up Paper Tiger by Tom Coyne. Great read about him taking a year to do everything possible to get himself ready for different Q School events. He spent the winter in Floriday, hired a swing coach, hired a personal trainer, and a sports psychologist. Really interesting.


I’ve got a thing for caddie books. Try Loopers by John Dunn and An American Caddie in St Andrews by Oliver Horowitz.


Tom Coyne - Course Called Ireland
Arnold Palmer: A Life Well Played
Michael Bamberger - Men In Green
Carl Hiaasen - Downhill Lie
Shane Ryan - Slaying the Tiger

  • Anything by Mark Frost. Specifically, The Match and The Greatest Game Ever Played.

  • Arnold Palmer: A Life Well Played.

  • Hogan by Curt Sampson

  • Dream Golf: The Making of Bandon Dunes by Stephen Goodwin

  • Grounds for Golf By Geoff Shackelford


A variety of memoir, fiction, collections of magazine pieces, and architecture.

Dan Jenkins - The Dogged Victims of Inexorable Fate and Dead Solid Perfect
David Owen - My Usual Game
Michael Bamberger - Green Road Home and To the Linksland
Lawrence Donegan - Four Iron in the Soul
John Updike - Golf Dreams
Tom Doak - The Anatomy of a Golf Course


you can check out this thread as well, lot of good recommendations in there


OPEN by Feinstein is excellent, as is A Good Walk Spoiled. He recently did The First Major which is a good histroy of the recent Ryder Cup. The Majors is a bit dated but good, as well.

The Match is fantastic.

If you want golf course architecture, Geoff Shackleford’s Grounds for Golf is a good intro.


I am piling on. The Match was just incredible.

Feinstein is a total curmudgeonly know-it-all, but he once had amazing sources/relationships on the tour, so Good Walk Spoiled and the Open are really well done. Tales from Q School by Feinstein is also really good, back when there was an actual Q school (shoutout Q school).

I am halfway through Dream Golf now and it’s a decent read.

My next reads will be some Tom Coyne books and another on golf architecture, probably the Shack one based on some of these responses here.


Probably have enough for a year and then some after this. Thanks guys.


Every Shot Counts - Broadie

Any of Geoff Shackleford’s or Tom Doak’s architecture books

Better Faster: The Modern golfer’s blueprint for getting more from less. - Lundberg/Wilson/Rudy

There is a start.


Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect by Bob Rotella.


I’ll join in piling on here with a few of my favorites.

  1. The Match by Frost. Best golf book I’ve read.
  2. Dream Golf by Stephen Goodwin. Even if you haven’t been to Bandon, a great read/story of how it came to be. Makes you want to pack your bags for a trip immediately.
  3. An American Caddie in St. Andrews by Horovitz. Easy read with some fun stories and interesting anecdotes. Also props to him for burying the lede that he has some very famous family members.
  4. Missing Links by Rick Reilly. Yes, it’s fiction. Yes, it’s a ridiculous story. But I’ve read it multiple times and still enjoy it.
  5. Freddie and Me by Tripp Bowden. Solid book with plenty of feels.


The Match is one of my favs.


My list:

Tommy’s Honor: The Story of Old Tom Morris and Young Tom Morris (Cook) (good history lesson)
Golf Has Never Failed Me (Ross) (I play enough Ross courses, it seemed to make sense to read this one)
The Match (Frost) (how is this not a movie yet?)
Grand Slam: Bobby Jones, America, And The Story Of Golf (Frost)
Open (Feinstein)
The Majors (Feinstein)
Caddy for Life (Feinstein) (the Bruce Edwards story - heartwrenching)
Tales from the Q School (Feinstein) (great read about what it used to take to get a ticket to the Tour)
The Confidential Guide to Golf Courses (Doak) (not one to bring on a trip, but great)
The Bogey Man (Plimpton) (a humorous look at a month on the PGA Tour)


Paper Tiger was far in away my favorite book by Tom Coyne. A course Called Ireland / Scotland were both good reads, but the narrative on trying to grind your way to the pro level was awesome, couldn’t put it down.

  1. The Match - Mark Frost
  1. A Season in Dornoch - Lorne Rubenstein
  1. The War By The Shore - Curt Sampson
  1. Greatest Game Ever Played - Mark Frost
  1. A Course Called Ireland - Tom Coyne (Just released one on Scotland as well, not yet read)
  1. Boney’s Pulpit - Bill Keenan


This is a great book. Highly recommended.