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Fellas, I’m constantly going to the range and trying to develop a feel to eliminate the slight over-the-top move in my swing, especially with the driver. It’s beginning to feel like a waste of time. I’m thinking I’ll need either a good training device or a few drills to help. I wanted to poll the group and see if anyone has a drill or two that helped your game the most, especially if it helped eliminate the over-the-top move.

This guys has a ton of videos on that subject and I find he is better at explaining it in ways that makes sense.
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I have a Milwaukee drill and driver set, does everything I have ever needed it to do. Easy to use.


This made me laugh too hard. You win


I’m a Ryobi One+ guy. Not fancy but it gets the job done.

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Is a Dremel useful at all?

Only Hilti for me

I played a pull cut for a while which was dependable as a fairway finder but pretty weak distance-wise (especially in the wind). To get me to stop doing this so much I found putting an object (headcover, water bottle) behind the golf ball where an over the top swing would hit it but an inside path swing would not was very helpful. It made me look down and rather than try to fool with a bunch of positions at the top or in my transition, I felt like my athletic mind took over and just said “don’t hit the headcover”. Even when I am hitting the ball well I use this drill quite often (especially with wedges that I can get VERY out to in with when I am trying to hit flighted wedges).

WARNING TECHNICAL THOUGHTS THAT COULD BE HYPER SPECIFIC TO A CERTAIN TYPE OF SWING** Another thing that helped me stop coming over the top with my driver was to get a little more tilt away from the ball at address and initiate my downswing with my lower body. To drill this, I used a microphone stand (a shaft or alignment stick would work as well) just outside of my left hip that I had to bump to initiate my downswing. A perfect swing for me was my club almost getting to the top of my backswing (still working back just a little bit) as my lower body started the transition towards the golf ball. Found I was hitting the ball much more solidly doing this and, when done perfectly, was a ball that drew slightly and went about 4-5% farther.

I’ve been working on working on an inside-out path this year with some decent success. I used to hit a lot of giant, towering slices thanks to an open club face. I worked on stance (moving ball forward) and grip a lot (strengthening my grip mostly) and this changes addressed some of my ball flight issues, but I still predominantly was hitting a left to right ball (I’m a righty).

At some point in my numerous YouTube wormhole for swing fixes I came across a dead simple way of thinking about this. Just intentionally hit the ball out the right. My now standard warm up at the range, especially with my driver, consists of 5-7 balls each of a 50% swing and 75% swing. My emphasis is to hit the ball out to the right. The more shanky the better. If the ball isn’t going to the right, I’m not doing it correctly. I’ve gained some distance and am now regularly hitting a draw. My current big miss is a ripped pull hook 2 holes over which occurs when I get sped up and swing too fast.

My range practice for this consists of:

Part 1: I focus on taking the clubhead straight back, when the club is parallel to the ground or hip height, I make a pivot and pull my hands inside to push the ball out to the right. These are usually shanks or low 60y runners out to the right. They’re supposed to be ugly. Repeat 5-7 times. Again, the ball has to go out to the right.

Part 2: Next, take the clubhead straight back and stop when my left arm is parallel to the ground (or my shoulder is tucked under my chin), then focus on the pivot and pulling my hands inside. With the driver, these are usually 150y with a bit higher ball flight, and some will start to draw. But again, these all start out and generally stay right. Most are still pretty ugly.

Part 3: Full swing, not too fast. Continuing to focus on the feeling of pulling the hands inside that I felt with the first 2 parts now yields a nice ball flight. Much higher trajectory, starts out right and turns left onto target. The full swing allows for the club face to get square to target, but facing left of swing path, imparting a draw.

Could you elaborate on this? Having a hard time visualizing it. I feel like I would really benefit from what you’re talking about, though

All kidding aside here is a great resource for drills.


It really is, I actually just started it about 2 weeks ago, and have gone through the first 10 or so. It’s helped a lot done with regular range sessions.

I’ve had trouble keeping my driver on the planet recently, and the BRM has been coming out more than I’d like.

What’s helped me is what feels like a huge lean on my left side (forward). I’m trying to keep my weight forward throughout the swing, and have turned super-high fades which go nowhere into a straight flight with a much lower and more piercing traj.

A word of warning - holding too much weight on your left this WILL lead to epic hooks.

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Could you elaborate on this? Having a hard time visualizing it. I feel like I would really benefit from what you’re talking about, though

If you’re trying to hit it out to the right, and I mean waaaaaay right, your hands have to pass inside, near the right pocket of your shorts. This is what I think most refer to as dropping into the slot?

Maybe @iacas can describe it better?

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Def helpful, thanks!

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My favorite drill might be to put a stick in front of you, on your target line and at about the lie angle of your club, and hit balls from that line where the club misses “right” or “over” the stick.

It helps shift your plane out to the right a bit.

Also put an alignment stick between your ball and your feet, because I swear, 95% of right-handed golfers aim well to the right and pull the ball back to the target.


Do you have video of the stick in front drill?

No. I usually just draw it or explain it. I have video of golfers DOING the drill, but… that’s them, and I’d rather not share their videos.

Is the description above not good?

Think i got it. Thanks