Favorite Clubhouse


Favorite golf clubhouse, go. (But first, let’s have a look inside the McNealy residence.)


I think you meant to say “Favorite golf clubhouse outside of Abu Dhabi” because this beauty is the clear favorite.


The falcon takes some beating, I’ll give you that.

But we have a few in the UK which are pretty special. Moor Park in London, for example, is a 17th century stately home:


Or what about Chateau du Vigier in SW France:


And then there’s the $70million clubhouse at Bighorn in South Korea, which is pretty intense. The art hanging on the walls cost ten times more than most clubhouses.


Special mention must also be given to the Coeur d’Alene Resort Course in North Idaho. While the actual clubhouse may be so so, they do have a hand built wooden speedboat to bring you from the hotel to the course:


And it’s not the only fun toy. Here are the carts, complete with heated seats and alloy wheels. They’re built so your caddy (you get per 2 ball) can ride on the back:

If you look closely in the background you can see the course’ party piece - the world’s only floating island green. It’s on cables so every day it’s a different distance. Here’s a better pic of it:


And of course if it’s an island you need a way to get out there, so there’s another cute little boat to do that:




this is a great topic… i’ve always thought medinah was very cool, esp with the giant putting green in the foreground


Played at Royal Golf la Bagnaia just south of Siena a few weeks ago. Maybe not the best clubhouse ever - but it was far from shabby.


Classic (i.e., simple) Mediterranean-style architecture = dope.


Always a fan of Oak Hill’s


And obviously NGLA


I’ll give a serious answer since there is actually a lot of cool architecture here.

In the non-Falcon category, I played Hamilton Island golf course (Whitsunday Islands, Australia) last year and while the clubhouse isn’t anything fancy, it’s got some pretty insane views. The entire island is just the golf course and is only accessible by boat.

I spent the entire time just admiring the views on every hole, ignoring that it was the hardest course I’d ever played. The pro shop said guests average about 23 lost balls per group as if you hit it off the fairway, you are in native grass, which is also full of venomous snakes. Great time though!


Is that South Korea? Looks like the Southwest US to me.

I was thinking of the clubhouse at Whistling Rock in South Korea that @Soly did a post on.


colorado golf club fuqs


This hurts my eyes lol



Them South Korean boys got it going on.

A similar design aesthetic at the clubhouse for the International in Amsterdam:


Nothing like a pre/post round southside in the bird cage