Favorite Central Ohio Courses


Curious to see how many Columbus golfers we have in here, and what courses people like to play. As a recent college grad who didn’t grow up in a country club, I haven’t played any of the top dogs like Scioto, Muirfield Village or the Golf Club (although I will likely get the chance to play at least Scioto this year).

Some of my favorites that I’ve played are:

Scarlet (spent all 4 years at OSU as a student member- incredible deal)


Virtues- formerly Longaberger

Those are probably my top 3, but I also like The Players Club- it’s a really tough test and has been in good shape the few times I’ve played it.


I spent the summer of '16 working for the Southern Ohio PGA doing tournament operations. When I was in or near Columbus, I was impressed by Royal American, Jefferson, and Springfield. Springfield’s greens are just awesome. That’s such a cool, classic layout. Darby Creek wasn’t too shabby either.

I went to Muirfield for the Memorial that year and was in awe the whole time. I’d give anything to go back and play there someday.


A few of my favorites in Central Ohio:

Apple Valley GC in Howard Ohio (East of Mt. Vernon)- Greens are always in phenomenal shape. Hosted the Ohio Publinx Am for many years. Fair and challenging course. Holds a special place with me because of how many times I’ve played it and the memories made there.

I played Scioto for the first time last summer and it was a treat. From the back tees, it was a challenge. Hoping to get back out there a few more times.

I’m a big Brookside fan and have a couple friends that are members. Have always enjoyed playing out there or watching the pros play it during the US Open sectional.

Another fun private course is Moundbuilders CC in Newark. Designed by Tom Bendelow, it winds it’s way around Native American mounding in a very interesting way.

Denison Golf Course (formerly Granville Golf Cub) is a fun Ross design with #18 being as grand a view as possible in Ohio.

Would love to hear @Soly chime in at some point. I can go on and on about Ohio courses. Played a bunch but there’s always still more to cross off :wink:


I’m in Cincinnati but my In-Laws live east of Columbus so I’m there often and bring my sticks during summertime. Virtues is fun, but I really like Moundbuilders & Dension, and I think I’m in a phase where older Bendelow/Ross tracks are in my wheelhouse. Tight(er) lines, fast greens, classic strategy.

Would love to have a shot at Scioto, MVGC, TGC, and even Double Eagle up near Delaware. Haven’ t played Scarlet but many of my friends from there say it’s a must, probably next on my realistic list.


Findlay here. Lots of good choices in and around central Ohio. Grant speaks the truth on his courses and that dude can play. I manage a fun course up here that everyone is always more than welcome to play. Hope to get together with some of you this summer.


My personal favorites outside of the ultra exclusives are: Tartan, Pinnacle, Brookside, The Lakes, Rattlesnake Ridge, Wedgewood.

I also love the club house at New Albany CC.


As a Miami OH alum, Hueston Woods State Park in Oxford holds a special place in my heart.
Is it worth a trip from Columbus to play? Nah. But it’s aboslutely worth playing if you’re in Oxford.

Edit to add: don’t forget to hide a case of Natty Light in your bag


Love & Honor, man. That $10 honors box was too sweet on warm winter days.

Both HW and Indian Ridge went under tree removal recently and opened up what was left of the courses significantly. Kinda removed the parkland charm of HW a bit, especially on the front 9, but still a very solid track for state park standards.


The $10 honors box that could turn into the $10 dishonor box. Once had pledges follow us around on the course with a rolling cooler full of beers. Down side to the course being part of a state park = state park rangers…they were not down with the cooler. :beers:


My favorite, easily, is Denison. It’s usually in good condition and when the greens are zippy there’s enough slope to demand your attention and focus. I especially enjoy picking my spots and playing at off times. Can walk it for under $30 in about 3 hours. The scenery is awesome, you get a hell of a workout (the hike up 13 and 16/17 raises the heart rate!) and then finish it off with a bite to eat and drink either on the patio or in town. Wish I could’ve played it 20-25 years ago before the housing development and redesign.


Oxford Sidebar: Hueston Woods on an early Fall day is as good as it gets. An immensely enjoyable walk.

One time my sophomore year, I went out there to walk 9 by myself. It’s an awesome escape. I hit my drive on #1 off to the right in that tree line framing the dogleg. I’m sort of up against a root but decide to try and make a play. I take a full swing and next thing I know I’m on one knee and seeing stars. I don’t know exactly what happened but the ball must have hit the root and jumped straight up into my face. I ended up finishing the first hole but had to walk off the course because of the pain (I was obviously too embarrassed to ask for a rain check or anything inside.) End result was a major black eye, eventual doctor visit, and confirmed orbital bone fracture.


Totally forgot to mention when I started this thread, I worked on the greens staff at Wedgewood last summer. Didn’t get to play it as much as I would’ve liked, but I love the course. I have to say we kept it in pretty great condition all year


Hearing a lot of talk about Denison. Haven’t played it in a few years but it’s a really great track. I definitely have gotten too excited on the 18 tee and snap-hooked my drive more than once… just looks like you can hit it 500 yards from up there


For some reason the trouble right off that tee is like as close to gorse as you get in Ohio…haven’t sustained injury but I’ve had to chop out of there many times after thinking I couldn’t actually challenge the dogleg.


Nice. I only played it once last year and that was in a tournament in August. It was in great shape.

I play it at least once or twice a year. I’ve known the GM for a long time.


They’ve struggled a bit with management over the years, but Cooks Creek is one of my favorites. Condition has been improving last few times I’ve been down there.

Scarlet and Virtues are also great, of course. (Also can’t complain about the Gray course, it’s really fun to just see how low you can go.)


i haven’t been for a few years and have heard the city has had trouble keeping it in good shape——-but I’ve always felt hands-down the best public course layout in Columbus is Champions. Classic shot makers course.


Played there for the first time last year after hearing some rave reviews, but I was pretty disappointed by the condition. It was a lot worse than Raymond or Bolton from that standpoint.

Fun layout, though.


Obviously a little more west, but my grandfather was a starter at NCR Country Club for many years…that place is pure.


Being close in Cincinnati, NCR & Moraine (probably more-so) are must do’s for me somehow.