Fansplaining: The Distance Debate


Geoff Shackeldord made a great point on Bacon’s podcast: the most elite players should have that chance to separate themselves from the field. He talks about not de-Shilling the game.

I see his point and I doubt everyone will find their way back but I do think elite guys will. Plus, if it happens, use of trackman will then be a skill not an aide. I do think technology will always find a way to catch up and innovate and make bigger and better. We see it in every aspect of life. But is it worth trying to curtail even for a bit?


Why is it so hard for people to understand that curtailing how far the ball flies will not prevent elite players like DJ and Rory from separating themselves? If every player is using the same ball now and they are elite in distance, when everyone moves to the same rolled back ball they will still be elite in distance. Their advantage will be 100% intact. The only thing different is that the total distance the balls are going is shorter. I don’t understand why this isn’t obvious.


Agree. But these guys won’t outgrow the venues


I don’t think that is what anybody is arguing. It isn’t a debate about equalling the field, hell, there’s already enough people that COULD win on any given week.