European Tour #content


This was on the European Tour newsletter email. They’re at it again…the results will be (most likely) very funny.

I’m looking forward to another year of European Tour social media content. 14 club challenge has been great and their other one-off videos have all been so well done.


paging @jwfickett … any chance we get a eurozone preview? My large Thai son makes his official debut this week.


Glad to see the Europeans Tour social media team is at it again. From the above post, looks like they’ve already started recreating famous paintings.



:arrow_up: #illuminati


Thats a strong 5-some. Commence hilarity.

please share past content in here as well for my benefit! please and thank you.


Patrick Reed = Judas


Here’s a starter for you…


And of course they nailed it!


Had to pause this halfway through. Laughing too much in my cubicle.


Good bit of insight into the European Tour content. There’s an interview with one of the key content guys as well as Tommy Fleetwood