EOI: Nest event at NSWGC?

I am interested in hosting a Nest event at NSWGC, perhaps in Spring (Sep-Nov) this year so interstate — or even international — Nesticles can make plans to come.

May even be able to make it a two-day thing with the second round at The Lakes or Bonnie Doon.

I wanted to gauge interest to work out if there’s appetite to organise a full-on event or if it’s a smaller group I can manage with a couple of days where I bring three at a time. Or even a day with a group in the morning and one in the arvo with a group lunch in between.

One of my mates at the club does Old Salty Golf so we could potentially do a 36-hole day with modern gear in the morning and persimmon and blades in the arvo.

Basically, keen to hear what people might be interested in so we can stop being left out of the NLU events world and build one of our own.


I’ll hopefully be in Melbourne by spring time, so would be keen to follow along with how this develops and get involved if I can.

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We are planning to be in Sydney at the end of the year but it might not be that early unfortunately. Our current plans are to be there mid December to Mid January.

Would love to get involved if all the stars happen to align though, if you’ll have me.


Super keen, would be coming over from the West if I can make it work. Should be in Melbourne late September/early October, so may be able to tack it on to the end. Whatever dates work for you & the majority though @ScottW.

I need to bring over some Dirtman Shiraz for @bigLeftMiss so this could be the ideal gateway :slight_smile:

I’m having a mini-meetup with a couple of lads over here on Sunday so will mention it to them, too.

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Count me in @ScottW. Would also be happy to host people up at Long Reef too if you need more options.


Watching! Love to see Aus folks getting activated!


I love this idea.


if our lovely premier in the west allows it id been keen, that is if its after my USA trip which the premier will need to approve as well haha


Happy to head up from the south island for the dates that work and happy to bring along some kit for everyone to sample in person.
I also love the current clubs in the morning and old clubs in the afternoon. Will absolutely be on board this one.

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I dived in to YOTB last year and have been enjoying my MP33’s a lot, but Persimmons would be a whole new world of trying to find the sweet spot.

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Any time you lose your rhythm or timing with modern woods, I swear the best thing for getting it back is nine holes with persimmons.


That would mean 1 in every 3 rounds for me should probably be with persimmons then.

Also meant to say in y’days reply, appreciate you even looking into doing this, so Thank You!

I bought a set of Ping Zing woods and out of the middle of the middle, they are nearly as long as the the current crop of woods. Out of the outside of the middle they lose a bit, but because they are shorter, they get into less trouble for me. Miss the middle and you will have a LOOOONG club into the hole.

The middle hits are worth the risk though as they feel incredibly satisfying with the ‘thunk’ sound out of the woods. I have never had so many random golfers ask about my clubs as when I pull those woods out on the range.


@ScottW sounds like an awesome idea. Would be keen if you can get something up and running. Only relatively new to the refuge so any AUS events I’d be keen for


I’m in @ScottW . If you need a hand organising anything at BD just let me know.


Planning a Aust/NZ trip for November. Please count me in if its that month.

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Absolutely in…I’m long overdue for a trip east to do something other than get sunburnt at the beach!

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Absolutely in, have been giving the persimmons a thorough workout of late.

Sounds like a great idea

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