Embrace Debate: Yardage Book Covers


Is having a leather yardage book cover a hardo move?

I can’t decide. I played a guy in our match play tournament who was using one and it just feels weird seeing a 9 HCP pull it out of his back pocket, study the approach, then hit the same shot he would’ve hit anyway. I’ve got absolutely nothing wrong with buying a yardage book at a new course, especially on a big trip. Just wondering if having the leather cover propels you into a new category of douche. Help me out.


If you are an average golfer, you can have a yardage book gilded or covered in suede as long as you only reference it for the following:

  • Number of yards to reach or carry a hazard.
  • Blind approaches or landing areas
  • Shape of the green and pin position
  • Notes on club selection if played previously

Everything else is just noise…


I don’t see anything wrong with having a yardage book cover, golfers love having accessories that compliment their game/style.

Now if he whipped out a protractor…


I caddied in a pro tournament recently, and seeing my player use it in combination with the daily pin sheet was interesting/useful. They’re able to map out exactly where the pin is on the green, see where the slopes are, and check the elevation from green to fairway. It was also a nice thing to use to keep the scorecard dry as it rained every day of the event.

I think ams using them is fine in a tournament setting, but if you’re struggling to hit a green from 150 yards, scoping out the green contours is kind of pointless. They do open up a nice category of #TourSauce moves after a miss, however. If someone used one in a casual round, I’d think it was pretty silly.


Totally agree … casual round - pointless … competitive round - good idea


I’ve been going through the same thing lately. I’ve seen some sweet leather yardage book/scorecard holders online but I’m not sure I want to put in the money if I’m just going to end up looking like a jerk. When I make it on tour I’ll get one. AKA I will never have one.


I bought one to keep my scorecard in and dry. I usually walk and carry my clubs so there isn’t really anywhere to keep a card that isn’t a pain in the ass to get to without having it in your pocket. I don’t use a yardage book as I have a rangefinder.


I recently went through the same debate but ultimately landed on buying one. I keep my scorecards, pencils, and if I buy one (usually at really nice tracks) yardage books in my back pocket. By the end of the round they would get completely torn up.


I’m waiting for Iliac to make a leather / tartan compass cover with matching covers for yardage book and alignment sticks.


Yikes … Looks like I’m about to fall on the wrong side here.

I love yardage books. Call me a #parisirrelevant snob, but I enjoy doing the math in my head on the numbers more than just gunning the flat with a Bushnell. I made a book for my home course and it’s been super helpful to me in understanding more yardages than just middle of green and has changed the way I approach the course. It’s also a great place to take notes on how certain shots / clubs did in situations.

My wife got me a cover for it as a gift and I really like it


If i used a yardage book, I’d get a cover purely to avoid it getting soaked with ass sweat. If its something you want to keep for a long time, its going to keep the pages dry, straight, etc.

Very situational to use a yardage book in the first place. If you are playing a casual weekend round with people waiting on you because you at thumbing through a book - lame move. If you are by yourself and its not impeding anyone else’s time, or if its in a tourney for money etc - whatever.

Agreed with what someone said about accessories being one of the fun things about golf.


No, Dude. No. If you’re thinking you might need one, then you don’t need one.
Do I have one? No, I have two. Never use either because, contrary to popular belief, there are some limits to my level of snobbery.


I like yardage books and if a course I’m playing doesn’t have one, I’ll make my own. On the walk from green to tee you take a quick look and see what the shape of the next hole is and make a plan about what you want to hit off the tee, that’s it. Helps me feel confident to know if I’m taking on a hazard or a narrow part of the fairway with a club selection. I don’t use them for approach shots or around the green and try not to narrate any info from the book to the group, no one cares.

This is a good shop for a nice full-grain leather cover - https://www.etsy.com/shop/BluegrassFairway
These are what the books I make look like - https://bigbrim.wordpress.com/


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Hydroflouric acid, obviously. Im pretty sure that’s how my hero and role model Bryson A DeChambeau would do it.


I have all my carry numbers written down in my yardage book. I also wrote down all all the slope numbers on my home course.


Yeah again, I have no issue at all with yardage books in general. I have a few myself. Just wanted to take the community pulse on putting it in a leather cover and flipping through the thing on a familiar fairway. Moral of the story seems to be leather covers = great golf accessory; using them at your home course during a casual round = towel bag clip.

Case closed. Happy Independence Day y’all.


I make my own as well if the course doesn’t have one.


If I don’t feel like making a book, covers are great for keeping the scorecard decent. I walk all the time and sweat a ton. Card is always ruined if I don’t use a cover. Piedmont (Jacob hill) makes some great ones.


I do some manual shot tracker type stuff in a notepad, plus it drives my buddy nuts, and its dripping with sauce, so i have fully embraced the yardage book cover. You can get cheap ones on Amazon, went that route in case I hated it, but if I ever see a great one from a memorable course, I’ll probably buy a good one.