Election Debate

It isn’t and actual candidacy, I took that statement to mean that he didn’t recognize my idea.

Like 99.5% of other refuge posts, the answer to this question for this candidate is, unequivocally no.


Maybe thats why @desertduffer is so damn grouchy, he actual reads what people type.


What if you were fed a bunch of beer (more than 6, less than 12) by Tron, Randy, Soly, Neil, and DJ prior to taking your seat in front of Regis?

I did read, forwards and backwards as a matter of fact. Just looking for more info.


The foremost prerequisite of any president must be their ability to keep their shit together under pressure.

What level did you go out on?

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No idea, I was hammered. Usually I can handle my shit, but after a half dozen craft brews all bets are off.

In my younger days, wouldn’t have been an issue, but as we get older alcohol tolerance drops significantly.



If one gets out of practice, definitely. There was a time I could drink more than a dozen beers in an evening and did it a couple of times a week. Those days are long, long gone.

When I was in college, I perfected the the technique of puking in a discreet location and to keep going.

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Back in my drinking days I’d have 6 craft beers for breakfast. On a Tuesday.

How do you plan to handle big state banquets at Jax Beach if you can’t handle a few ales?


The rally-uke! Nothing like that 2nd wind when you come back from that…the breeze feels a bit cooler, and you’re just re-energized

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Cocaine, lots and lots of Cocaine




My degenerate credentials are pretty solid. There may be a few who lived harder than I did on this board, but just a few at the most.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve pretty much given up on alcohol, mainly due to the gene for alcoholism running in my family. I’m big on the herbal scene, have been since the early 90s.


Flashback to Natural Light keg cups

I like your style, you have my early vote.

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Election threads have been pretty quiet this week. I keep waiting for an “October surprise” to drop and shake up the dynamics of the race!

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Happy now?


I released my platform on Monday. Been busy shit posting in the Life Hacks thread this week.

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