Election Debate

@I_have_the_yips Have you decided whether or not you will play Who Wants to Be A Millionaire sometime?


We’ll see who the other guy is when the votes are cast.You must feel threatened for the refuge establishment if you’re resorting to bullying new candidates already. #DrainThePomp(ous)

I will play someday, messaged Laz, got a lot going on professionally right now, random calls at all hours. We’ve got a plan to get it on the books at some point.


We like that!


But I thought your candidacy wasn’t an actual candidacy…

@Klondyke1892 have to appreciate your hustle here and wanting to #getinvolved, we like that.

I would agree with @desertduffer, until we hear otherwise, Randy’s post is the Bible.

Final party platforms due 5/19, exactly how that is done, is not super clear. Going to say, as we stand, no debates are scheduled. Good luck!


Let’s just agree now that candidates who have not made at least the semi final stage of WWTBAM are disqualified. Clearly your commitment and obscure golf knowledge are not up to the task at hand.

Glad we got that sorted.


Uh, i think we should go by Making the Band finalists…


I thought we were having a series of duels?

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Musicality in politicians has no track record worthy of scrutiny.

Clinton’s jazz sax.

Nero’s fiddling.

Gerald Ford played the triangle. Probably.

With live bullets or of the golf variety?

Live bullets were ruled out. I kinda think tasers would be sick. Golf variety filmed as a WWOG would be fun as well.


It isn’t and actual candidacy, I took that statement to mean that he didn’t recognize my idea.

Like 99.5% of other refuge posts, the answer to this question for this candidate is, unequivocally no.


Maybe thats why @desertduffer is so damn grouchy, he actual reads what people type.


What if you were fed a bunch of beer (more than 6, less than 12) by Tron, Randy, Soly, Neil, and DJ prior to taking your seat in front of Regis?

I did read, forwards and backwards as a matter of fact. Just looking for more info.


The foremost prerequisite of any president must be their ability to keep their shit together under pressure.

What level did you go out on?

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No idea, I was hammered. Usually I can handle my shit, but after a half dozen craft brews all bets are off.

In my younger days, wouldn’t have been an issue, but as we get older alcohol tolerance drops significantly.