East Coast road trip

Planning a little road trip for this upcoming summer out to the east coast and was trying to figure out some solid public places to play. We’re coming from Iowa and planning on going to Chicago for a day and a half, then to Boston, then to NYC, down to Washington DC (possibly stopping in Philly), and back.

Got a couple courses already on my mind a little i.e
Bethpage and Yale but was wondering if anybody’s got anymore good recommendations or places that are totally skipping my mind.

Have at it! Thanks!

In the Boston to DC corridor, I think you’ve mentioned the only two “must hit” accessible courses, although Yale is NOT public and so while it is relatively easy to get on, it’s not just call and make a tee time

A couple of other ideas that I would consider, although none really a “must hit”

Boston Area - George Wright (Donald Ross muni in Boston). Place has every bit the Muni feel, but a great layout. Any of the many public courses in the Plymouth area (Pine HIlls, Crosswinds, Waverly Oaks). Taconic is the gem of the public course rotation in Massachusetts, but it is about 2.5 hours away from Boston - so while it is worth playing, it’s out of the way

CT - The courses at Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun are expensive, but always fun to gamble a bit and play some golf

NJ - Lots of public options, but one under the radar option is Hominy HIll in Monmouth County. Another muni that is a probably better than what a Muni should be. There are also a number of options around Atlantic City that are good-ish if you want to add some more gambling to the mix

Philly - Glen Mills. Great conditions, quick round, affiliated with a reform school so a very different vibe. Probably the best daily fee course in the Philly area

Maryland - Bulle Rock - More Baltimore area than DC, but if you’re driving would make a nice stop from Philly. Pete Dye course. I believe I read the course is for sale, so might not have a ton of options to play it again depending upon who buys it

Guess i really didn’t do a ton of research but how do you go about getting on Yale then?

As for Boston, Pinehills down in Plymouth is nice and you could turn that into a 36 hole day. However, it is a bit of a drive from Boston (1 hours or so), but depending on when in the summer you are going it could be close to 2 hours with all of the traffic going to the Cape.

Granite Links in Quincy, MA might be your best bet. Close to the city and a very well maintained course; however, some people think its way too hard and don’t actually enjoy it that much. But it has a great 19th hole, amazing views of Boston, a great range area and again, the course is very well maintained.

A little bit off the path in Connecticut is Connecticut National. It is a pretty affordable round and the course is pretty good with some very interesting holes. But that might be a but out of the way from where you guys will most likely be driving.

I’ll second @missinggreens reco on Hominy Hill in Colts Neck, NJ, although I’ve found the conditioning to be lacking there in recent years. It’s an RTJ design that has hosted two USGA Championships (Public Links) and routinely hosts sectional qualifiers. Most Monmouth County residents prefer either Hominy Hill or Charleston Springs when playing our public courses. Charleston has two courses, the North and the South, both about equally rated.

My favorite public course in NJ though is the SeaView Bay Course in Galloway Twp near Atlantic City. For some reason, this is a pretty polarizing take in NJ circles, but I really love playing here. And it you’re doing an east coast trip, it could fit an itinerary nicely.

newport national is an awesome track as well in Rhode Island

I’m a Jersey resident and the best public courses I’ve played here are the Architects in Phillipsburg and Neshanic Valley in Branchburg. They are both fairly challenging, typically in pretty good shape and not too expensive. Both courses about halfway in between NYC and Philly.

I was going to say Bulle Rock. It was good enough for an LPGA Major and it’s 2 minutes off of I-95. Stay on the fairway though, venture off by 1" and it’s bye bye ball.

Couple Bulle Rock mentions for MD but there are a few other good public tracks down here to take a look at:

Whiskey Creek - Ernie Els carved this puppy out of farmland in Ijamsville. Pretty solid layout and fun angles.

Blue Mash - in the D.C. suburbs of Laytonsville, MD. Really fun set-up with an emphasis on situational awareness on approach shots. Fun fact, built on top of an old landfill.

If you get to the Eastern Shore

I could write a whole article on Eastern Shore golf, but I imagine you won’t make it to that side of the bridge. However, if you come down 113 from Jersey or Delaware and find yourself in Ocean City, look up Lighthouse Sound, Baywood Greens (in Delaware, but close), Rum Pointe, Ocean City Golf Club (semi-private / open to public) and Eagle’s Landing.

Enjoy the trip.

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Depending on where you’re looking to play in relation to DC, Worthington Manor would probably be my top recommendation within ~1hr of the city.

How long, and where specifically are you going to be in the DC area?

You won’t regret playing Foxwoods Lake of Isles. I played high school golf at Mohegan Suns Pautipaug - in my opinion not worth the drive to the middle of nowhere Sprauge, CT for it.

Curious about tips to get on Yale.

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Nothing set in stone for that part of the trip right now but we’re planning at least 2 days, possibly 3

Staying in DC?

You could do Northern VA day - Laurel Hill, Stonewall, Potomac Shores are all good options.

Come up to the Frederick, MD area for a day - Worthington Manor is my top pick. Whiskey Creek, and Musket Ridge are good. PB Dye if you’re looking for something a little crazier.

Possibly, we’ve got some family that lives in Bethesda and might stay with them while were there to save some money

I agree on Lake of Isles. Really nice course, although on the 18th I saw a giant water snake which was quite frightening. It is in the middle of nowhere but top notch course.

I lived in Preston/Norwich area, so it was a hop, skip, and a jump for me. Guess I did live in the boon’s now that I look back at it.

Re: Boston – not a ton of great options, however, this summer George Wright (previously mentioned) is hosting the State AM, and will be in solid shape. I would recommend GW over any of the plymouth courses (Pinehills/Crosswinds/Waverly)… nothing special about them. GW is more unique.

Course will be closed mid july for the entire amateur week, so check timing.

Hey, saw this old post-I’m heading to the Eastern Shore to play in a couple weeks. What’s good outside of Ocean City? I’ve got a few days to work with so planning on exploring the space.

Check out St. Michaels, some of the best seafood I’ve ever had in my life. Cambridge and Chesapeake city are really cool too.

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