Duffers and Dragons, Pre-Season One (Game Dev and Play Testing)

Good Morning, Folks,

Your esteemed procrastinator Dungeon (Bunker?) Master Robert “Not the Grateful Dead Guy” Hunter here. By popular demand, and after the success of The Quest for The Buck Club, I will be developing some kind of golf-based tabletop RPG. I’m not entirely certain on the form it will take, but I figure I’d start the thread to keep the contamination across the board to a minimum. I’ll post game design updates in here and might run a few mini-encounters either between NPCs or some volunteers to get some test play before “Season One”

The current hurdle to 1.0 is figuring out a way to quickly take google earth photos of holes and transfer them to grid paper with uniform measurements. Also trying to figure out how to do the greens without detailed notes (currently I have a few yardage books that I’m using to figure out the system). I’ll probably also post some polls to get feedback in here as I’m working through the design phase—though for the most part this will largely be built on a reskinned 5e for efficiency and understandability’s sake.

Last thing: conversations with a couple of experienced DMs about this idea have happened, and I’m interested to get some immediate feedback on just the general form of the game.

What would you rather see?

  • Traditional tabletop RPG: you build a player over time and encounters scale up
  • One-Off Encounters: I help you build a mid/high-level character for a short event (likely for a head to head match with others)

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For either selection, I’ll find ways to get everyone involved (ie if we do traditional, then people outside of the campaign might drop in for a week or play as a mini-boss type)


Question: if you know of DnD (or is it D&D?) but have literally never played it…can you still play this version? Can you learn on the fly?


Absolutely. The learning curve for tabletop gaming is basically flat—just think of it like you’re trying to tell a good story with some friends. I’ve only DM’d a couple of one-off things before, but I’m very relaxed and generally don’t let the rules get in the way of a good/funny idea (as long as it’s realistic to the character). If we do a traditional campaign and you/other folks new to the concept are intimidated, we can find a way to bring you in for a week or two to see what it’s all about.


Would be very interested in hearing suggestions for classes of golfers. I’m dead set on Bomb and Gaugers being the Barbarian class, but open to suggestions for other archetypes.

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Obviously a wizard class that can conjure up shots, like Seve or Phil.


So stoked haha this is absurd in the very best way.

I cast animate shit talk and gambling!


Excellent suggestion. Lines up pretty well with my technician (ie Tiger the Engineer) class that’s heavily based on the Tinkerer mold.

tagging @MrVinegar206 just generally to bring him in here


All of the high school D&D Refugees seeing this thread:


cc: @Cinnamon who I know is big into this stuff

My brothers were huge into D&D but I never got the bug. My best friend/neighbor always tried to get me to play and I would just avoid him whenever he was looking for a game.

With that said, I’m intrigued to get involved but, like @pushdraw, have no clue what I’m doing


Is there a class (like working class / boring) guys that are just short off the tee, but fairways and greens…

Zach Johnson, Brian Gay, Chez, Kuch, etc.


I’ll probably put something like that in a fighter mold. Skilled all-arounders who are proficient from a number of lies/shots, but don’t necessarily overwhelm any particular area.

SICK, CC @Coop who is a coworker/part of our weekly DND group

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@RobertHunter if this is one long running game over time, how easy is it to float in and out based on availability?

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Also definitely going to create some kind of Ranger class that is significantly better from the rough/sand than everyone else haha.

Need to drop offline for a bit, but here’s a few rough ideas for basic classes that we haven’t covered yet.

Traditionalist (Druid mold)
Uses hickories and persimmons. Insane touch, but not overwhelming distance and equipment deteriorates faster.

Shit-Talker (Bard mold)
Needs a strong start, but can diminish opponent skill and get on extreme hot (or cold) streaks.

Architect’s Apprentice (Monk mold)
Unlocks powers and can see through courses into the deeper purpose of features. Perceived as “lucky” by some, they may excel in one or two areas of the game, but generally rely on their superior understanding of the course to excel.

Equipment Geek (Wizard Mold)
Unlocks new and useful powers through devotion to the study of arcane knowledge.

Shotmaker (Sorcerer Mold)
Unlocks new and useful powers through an innate understanding of the golf shot.


If we go that route, there will definitely be opportunities for people to drop in and out as companions or playing adversary characters.

Never got to play D&D, but listened to the Acquisitions Inc. podcasts for years when commuting, this sounds awesome.

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This is shaping up to be my favourite Refuge thread by a significant margin!

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Here for this :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


Are there gonna be any thicc bois or cheaters married to controlling women with bad taste in interior design?

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I don’t want to give too much of the narrative department away just yet. Keep in mind that people might choose to roleplay as complete degenerates so it’s very possible we end up with a thicc boi or a disgrace to texas golf cheater in the main party!