Duel to the Death: The Strong Like Stella "Sorry, Nandy" Cincinnati Open

Oh man, that’s far too reasonable, measured, and well-thought out. Pick a side, coward. You’re either posting with us or you’re posting against us.


You’re a few years late man

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The Chairgui is deeply troubled by this battalion leader making jest of the youthfulness of one of his sharpest marksman.



re: EAL

I discovered him and NLU about the same. Kind of enjoyed EAL at first, but the more content NLU puts the more I find it superior.

EAL has too much of a focus on himself. NLU has just the right amount.

EAL tries too hard to make golf cool. NLU doesn’t seem to be trying to make golf cool. They’re being themselves more. (Frankly, I never once cared one whit whether golf was golf or not. I liked it. That’s all that mattered to me.)

EAL is all over the place. He can’t maintain a train of thought for five seconds. It drives me crazy. Ultimately, that’s why I stopped listening to his podcast and watching his videos. NLU seems to have thought out what they want to get across and sticks to that plan.

My favorite EAL podcasts were the zen stuff with Dr. Joe Parent. He’s been trying to make a movie on meditation and golf…forever. If he made that his niche and had little more focus, I’d be much more into what he’s doing.


cc: @3wiggle and @HaveOuimet

Maybe EAL can come if he brought Alexandra? (edit: though I don’t think I’ve seen them together in quite a while…)


Shots fired! But it sounds like they should be fired upon your own team. Old guis started talking about “woke” golf, which was basically promoting courses that are more enjoyable (widths and angles, creative shots, less forced carries and trees) and then all the young kids declared that woke golf was about material items (Bespoke gear) and sick social media pictures.


As a young gui, I have to say: I don’t consider myself to be good enough to be woke.



Woke golf culture did give us those sick handmade sticks to rest your $2,000 carry bag on so it’s not all bad.

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put some respek on the name #micklestix


not in any way a shot at our esteemed overlord @MerchCzar considering I don’t think NLU ever really seriously does this, either, but one of my favorite things about EAL’s videos is that I don’t think I’ve ever heard him say “make sure you check out the new merch” or “make sure to like and subscribe”. Other golf youtubers who shall remain nameless seem to spend 60 seconds at the top of each video doing the classic youtube groveling.

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Yes This is exactly it. I don’t think there is any way possible to make golf cool, it’s best to just embrace that it is the nerdiest of sports. Tiger did change things (it was REALLY nerdy before him), but we found out the truth - he’s a nerd too. I love this about golf - but I have no problem admitting I’m a nerd. I mean - I’ve worked in IT for 20 years, am terrible at all other sports, I like Star Wars, and during the 90s grunge/alternative era my favorite band was Van Hagar. Oh yeah and I spend a lot of time on a golf message board.

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It is at the beginning of all his new videos…


Okay but I don’t think NLU is really leaning into the “golf nerd” aspect of things. Neil and Randy are former college athletes who generally act like former college athletes (not to mention how often Neil talks about disruption and that he worked for a very “cool” company). Soly dresses like he’s DJ’s body double on a film set. Tron is really the only guy who seems to lean into the “nerdiness”, but even he doesn’t really come across as a guy who has ever been to a MtG tournament. DJ is actually cool.

TFE is the golf nerd media I consume. NLU—and I absolutely hate to say it—basically answers the question “what if barstool wasn’t run by assholes?” They’re nice guys who definitely get into the eccentricities of golf, but I don’t think they’re nerds by any stretch of the imagination.


look I’m generally still making dinner when I start the video so I don’t notice that part but yeah my bad

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yeah…and this is a weak defense, but his isn’t nearly as bad as most YouTubers.

Its all good, didn’t mean for it to be a personal attack. EAL to me is just doing golf to grow his name and eventually do film making (EAL said this is what he wants to do as well). It is like T Swift using country as her platform to gain popularity than completely switch and abandon a lot of her fans

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There’s been some work (and fun too) involved in this event - just trying to keep everything organized.

But, we are basically two weeks away. And, it can’t get here soon enough. I pumped to play golf for three days with my internet boyfriends, blow the minds of the staff at Avon Fields (whether it has the “s” or not I’ve never heard it without it), see the ridiculous collection of merch all in one place, and watch the general mayhem that will be the Duel to the Death.

I’m literally as excited about this as almost any golf trip I’ve taken.

edit: all the while raising money for Stella, @pushdraw, and family