Duel at Rocky Mountain High Noon- JUNE 20TH! LOGO CREATED! SIGN UP FORM POST #427

How close does it need to be?

Four corners is good with me, lots of good golf to choose from.

Four corners?

So, 7 hours is better than 5, to which there are already plans for a carpool?

Four-ball, state teams royal rumble


I must have missed this (as I said late to the party), what’s the plan here?

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You guys take this Refuge stuff seriously that’s for sure. Sounds like a cool idea

It’s a lot of fun. Cincinnati in November was one of the best golf related weekends I’ve ever had


@Lazstradamus are you a free agent?

That’s what it sounded like. Been on the NLU bandwagon for a few years now, but never took the time to jump into the Refuge (two daughters currently 2 and 4) so i’m just now getting the time to dive in. Shit do I have a lot of catching up to do haha


I’ve got kids the same age. You should check out the golf with kids thread if you haven’t yet.

I fancy that new right bomb you have in the arsenal, right > left unless it’s a slice

Will do. And just so we’re clear, offer still stands to organize a Denver event (with NO NIT spots haha) just cause there’s no reason not to.

Rule 1: trust, don’t force it. The people will come.


That’s what we’re doing here


I will take down @jhkaplan wherever we play, we can play in Alaska for goodness sakes!

Go way north! Do a 24 hour endurance golf duel!

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And Colorado was too cold for you?! Let’s take this to Alaska.

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The Denver Refugees are a god damn all star team. @leric90, I am a free agent but we should allow for our hosts to inform us of:
Number of spots
When we submit our line ups.

Maybe we’ll do it like the Presidents Cup only at a bar.