Driving Range Pet Peeves


That is a weird one. Maybe he thought there was a golf course attached and just is terrible at research?

Reminds me of that time some guy showed up to Augusta National during the practice round day with his clubs loaded onto his push cart, thinking he would be able to play because he had a practice round badge. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Appreciate the range now, they are dinosaurs.


Bumping this thread after the seemingly innocuous range balls thread went off the rails debating petty theft

I tend to lump my pet peeves into the following buckets. Broad sweeping generalizations about complete strangers inbound:

Earl Woods 2.0 - overbearing parent forcing their child to grind over 2-3 large buckets. They regurgitate every swing thought and tip theyve ever heard from Chamblee & Gankas to @ClubProGuy . This helicopter parent will hold a club but never hit a shot. Its questionable if they even enjoy golf. They definitely attempt to network with any junior player with an AJGA bag tag or collegiate bag.

Francis the Trickshot kid - I guess swing impersonations are more en vogue now that trickshots have fallen by the wayside. RIP Colorado Golf Blog on Instagram 2017 golf social media was a barren hellscape. This person either hogs the entire short game area while skulling flop shots, or mindlessly attempts to recreate the Tiger commercial while 15 people wait for a hitting bay to open up.

Failed Long Drive Guy - Hes got a tour bag full of Krank Golf drivers with 50" shafts. He dispenses knowledge with the authority of a pro, but in reality he splits two part time jobs between GNC and 24 hour fitness. You never actually see him hit anything other than driver and his sick vape rig.

Tour Bag / Rain Hood / Iron Covers - this player generates less club head speed than Mrs. Haverkamp. Do not wait on their bay to open up. A trip to the range is a 4 hour ordeal. Mr. Tour Bag hasnt completed 18 holes in under 6 hours ever. Dont mock his practice swings because you will inevitably be stuck behind his group next week. They never let you play through.

Person that brings scissors to cut the rubber range tees to their preferred height - needs no explanation

Listens to music without headphones - especially if its Drake, shout out Willy Wilcox

Others receiving votes: unsolicited swing tip guy, asks to borrow some tees/glove oh youve got the new Rogue driver, mind if I try it? guy, hey youre pretty good, could you give me some pointers guy

Also, its 2018. How on earth do all range mats still leave that annoying green film on the soles of my clubs? This is the type of science the Nobel Prize people need to be encouraging.


Just had an Oh no. Barstool moment reading through this.


in the same sentence. For sure thought you were going to talk about Frankie and the skull fuqs.


I am my own pet peeve at the range.

If Im hitting it well, Im thinking These hacks are witnessing quite a flush show. If Im not hitting it well Really feel like Im letting all these folks down. Cant believe I wore all my new Nike gear for this

Either way. Guy sucks.


Stuck in a meeting and I just busted out laughing. This one hits too close to home.


no earthly idea what youre talking about. And i just gave the trickshot person an arbitrary name. any similarity to a real person is purely accidental.


Barstool golf podcast host named Frankie claims to skull fuq the ball with his wedges. Huge story line for them


Love the hacks witnessing a flush show!

As Ive stated in the how good at golf are you thread, Im not very good. BUT安as at top golf for the first time a few weeks back. Fellow mediocre to poor golfers out there, if you ever want a minor ego boost about your ugly move and ball flight, go tee it up at top golf. Generally speaking (just generally, as certainly good players do visit the franchise from time to time) you have a bunch of people there who rarely pick up a club, hacking away to their hearts content, spraying shanks and tops all over the place, and just guzzling pitcher after pitcher of IPA and having a jolly old time. Hey its great, lets #growthegame. But back to my point, I felt like Jack fucking Nicklaus there in comparison and also felt a little like Johnny on NBC ripping apart their swings. I dont know WHAT Janice in stall 118 was doing there, but the 8 iron into the brown circle is NOT a hard shot folks


One of my pet peeves is something I do. I always get into a mindset of comparing myself to everyone else out there and it is not a good thing to do or helping me in any way.


I have my company christmas party coming up at top golf next week. You better believe Im bringing my bag, glove, alignment sticks, and Lazer.

Twirls for the girls夷n HR.


Just a brief for those who dont already know, I have a reputation as being the best range player at my course. Its my element, wind in my hair, I just threw some Hootie on the bluetooth speaker, I normally settle in and pure push hook after push hook. But even the greats have their off days, and nothing is more frustrating than when some geezer thats a 20 handicap stands behind me and starts gawking at my swing saying he wishes he could hit the ball like that, when I clearly just chunk shanked a 3 wood.


If its a public driving range I dont see any problem not being in golf attire but within reason. Dudes who go there in full gear with everything on unless theyre going to play right after look kind of silly. Obviously at a club different story.


Cant wait for the post-event breakdown!


Definitely agree that most people at TG dont golf and certainly was a bit of an ego boost when I went. I was zoned out for a minute trying to figure out how many balls they use and was just staring blankly out across the range at all the different ball flights. There was a group of guys about 10 stalls down that you could tell were good just by the shape of their ball flights and how drastically different they were from the rest of the people on our level of the facility.


Agree with Brolock. Lighten up. If your dad had taken you to the range more when you were a kid you wouldnt have that crappy swing.


That guys a legend. Even money that his bag also has a ball retriever in it. Hasnt paid for a ball or a tee since Tiger went pro.


The first time I went to the range at Rancho in LA I asked a guy, Where are the tees for the mats? He looked at me like I was an idiot and told me that I had to buy and bring my own. 簪_()_/簪


I WILL play music on the range. Dont care. Hate me at will.


Headphones? Seems a simple solution as opposed to possibly bothering those next to you. That being said, it doesnt bother me at all to have music playing on the range. Just common courtesy.