Driving Range Pet Peeves


Someone must have been hitting stingers into his cage all day.range


Me joke


Probably should’ve clarified that I’m not actually serious. I’m very much on board with anyone playing golf or hitting balls on the range, it’s great. It more or less just cracks me up when the top of the range looks like this.


Ranges are my pet peeve! hahaha. Having worked at a few courses… The range is potentially a place of first impressions, the club should keep it clean, organized and stocked with tees, bucket of clean water, scrub brush and a clean towel. Don’t sell us bad quality worn out balls, then have us hit off of dirt. There is nothing wrong with defaulting to quality mats and good balls. Lastly, please no range music, if I want to listen to something I’ll use my earbuds and choose the tunes.


Is range music really a thing? I’ve never heard of any place trying that.


It is, though I’ve only encountered it once. Was on the putting green and heard the sound of muffled music. Not many people around so I was curious where it was coming from. Walked over to the first tee and I had cleared the mounds and fescue that was muffling the music coming from the range. From what I could tell the speakers were embedded in the rock wall behind the range which was kind of cool. But I think it’s weird.


Yeah, that is really weird. Don’t think it will catch on but if it does I’ll just have to start bringing my headphones to the driving range like I do at the gym to drown out their terrible musical selection.


The course by my house has speakers out at the range that can get pretty loud. I personally don’t care whether there is music on the range, but it is funny when one of the younger clubhouse guys gets on the aux. Half the range drives back up to the clubhouse and the eagles are playing in no time.


People that create this:



I like the idea of a range playing music if it’s lighted, they have a bar attached to it, and they limit the timing to after 5:00 or so. I definitely wouldn’t want it playing music all the time.


Yeah the one I went to was Sunday afternoon. But for sure if it was more of a late night vibe, I could be convinced. Going to top golf for the first time in 2 weeks and it’ll be weird since I’m the only one who actually plays golf that’s going. I’m just hoping my gf doesn’t think that every driving range will be like that haha.


Obnoxiously loud conversations. Golf etiquette, at least to some extent, should still apply at the range, so don’t be the loudmouthed guy that everyone is forced to listen to. Especially if you’re on a cell phone. C’mon man.


This seems like a good thread to post this on: what is yall’s take on wearing golf clothes to the range?

I practice at a course where the price to play 18 ranges from about $115 to $45, it is a resort style course with no resort. I am a college student and know most of the cart guys.

Is a T-shirt and gym shorts ok to practice in when I have no intention of playing that day?


If it is a public course, I see no issue in wearing gym shorts and a Dri-fit-style t-shirt. If you show up in a ratty shirt and stained shorts, I might ask you to wear something nicer the next time you visit.


Yes, public course. And yes, dri fit style is what I am talking about.


I stop by my local public course to putt and chip and I am typically in jeans and a t-shirt. Never had an issue and 95% of the golfers there wear chinos and a golf shirt of some kind.


I’m a big fan of not wearing golf clothes when you’re just going to the range, but they definitely reserve the right enforce the dress code.


I go to the range before or after the gym, so I wear gym clothes


I agree with others, I usually wear shorts and a t shirt to the range or to chip/putt


Saw a guy with a pull cart at a range that isn’t attached to a course. Not really a pet peeve, just an odd sight to be seen.