Driving Range Pet Peeves


Getting approached by the Asst. Pro for a unsolicited "hey man, if you want lessons, let me know… "

There is a “instagram golfer” that works at a public course near me that does this. Drives me insane. (and I could probably use the lessons)


You sound like a blast to play with!


the guy’s gotta make a living somehow


self admittedly I come off super not fun. In fairness some of the response was geared towards times I’m trying to really practice. Shit I swear guys I’m not that awful!!!


The kallassy’s swing magic was my jam back in the day! CharlesStrobe


Dude. Feeling you. From the rats and living in the structure at Rancho’s range to the burned-out mats at Van Nuys, this is truly a golfer’s wasteland.
I was so PUMPED to cough up the cash to get inside the ropes and use the “short game area” at Westchester…I imagined a series of greens, different lies, nice bunkers. What a let down. Just crushed.
I’ve actually driven to Long Beach just to hit off grass at Skylinks. So depressing.


And Golficity. Nothing better than stockbrokers handing out advice.




sounds like you are already taking the initiative by getting a space away from people. Congrats and good luck!


Music guy who evidently forgot his headphones. Listen to Theory of a Deadman somewhere else bro.


Look I’m all for the #GrowTheGame movement, but if you’re hitting HUNDREDS of golf balls all over the place 10 yards from your spot, you probably shouldn’t be on the range.


Where should they be then??


Seems like the range is exactly where they should be. Would you rather follow them on the course in their pursuit of breaking 160?


Think someone may need to explain to him what being all about the grow the game movement means…


Grow the game should only be for people that play golf at least once a week and want to play twice a week. These beginners at the range threaten to annoy all players looking for serious practice. It is easy to see why we want all beginners to stick to hitting into a net, preferably not at a real course or range.


Motion to file this in the Contrarian Takes.

The game doesn’t grow without beginners on the range/course. Period.


Hmmm… I can’t understand why golf is viewed as elitist and people feel uncomfortable learning the game… I can’t quite figure it out…


This is either gifted trolling or the “Webb Simpson’s opening tee shot at the 2014 Ryder Cup” of takes. Just a fabulously horrendous take.


Hint: 100% trolling


I think the original post from LJD is serious. Sounds like it was a bad day picking the range for him.