Driving Range Pet Peeves


Doesn’t bother me either. Two birds stoned at once really.


Worried I might be “that guy.” My wife is learning the game, so I truck the whole fam out (me, wife, and 12 month old). The kid is used to it, and we try to grab a space away from folks, but between getting him to stop throwing his cup and me trying to help my wife with her swing, my stall is always going to be noisier than I’d prefer.

Aside from my confession, any tips on lessening the family footprint?


Dude, anyone uptight enough to have issue with you enjoying family time at the range isn’t worth your concern.

But I get that you’re trying to be considerate. Maybe try off-peak hours; there’s nothing better than hitting a bucket while the sun is setting.

Or try a pitch and putt. More family-friendly and you get to hone your short game to boot.

Congrats on the little one.


More of a practice thing, but the guy who hogs a 3rd of the chipping green at one time. Do you really need to have multiple targets to chip 20 balls to?


Gotta visualize. When you do, you twirl. No doubt


Saw these two at the range yesterday:
The dad who buys one bucket and spreads it among his 3 kids in 3 bays (and of course each kid takes like 4 practice swings before actually trying to hit the ball).
The two finance bros who can’t wait until there are open bays next to each other but still insist on comparing shots, thus having a conversation across 3 people just trying to work on their swings.


Or the person who insists on chipping to a flag on the complete other side of the green so you have to wait until they finish before you go collect your golf balls so you don’t get hit by a stray


Range balls that are torn up, cut and worn out. Range balls found on the course.


I really struggle with “multi-task guy.” Bluetooth in ear, going over the weekly sales call while on the range. (I’m guilty of it…)


Not solely related to the driving range, but why do old people have the HEAVIEST golf bags? It’s insane. They can’t even carry them.


The whole divot issue is a real problem. Nothing is worse than trying to hit golf balls of crappy/spotty grass with more sand than grass an d divots all up under your feet. As golf enthusiast, we must all do everything we can to educate the naive on proper divot etiquette. I think most people are just clueless.

The other pet peeve is the high school kid who provides outloud commentary on ALL his shots. And they kid I am talking about is actually a pretty damn good golfer. So he is just an immature, cocky little sh*t. Either saying “Come on Bradley!” “Will you cover the ball!?!? Just one time!” “Turn over!”
…and then eventually “Got that one. There it is baby!”

And so naturally you find yourself watching half his shots even though you hate the little punk.


I used to work on a course and that kid you describe was amazing at our course. Every shot, followed by a very audible, “Pure” and occasionally “Flushed”. Rinse and repeat over and over again.


You clearly know your shitty driving ranges. As a fellow public golfer I’ve come to really hate the range for all those reasons you said, they’re generally lousy and full of aggravating people, plus at this point I’m not even sure going to a range is really even that helpful for your game. Sure it’s good to get swings in especially when you’re rusty rather than duffing it around really badly on the course, but the experience hitting a golf ball off a terrible mat in no way replicates what’s it like actually hitting shots on a course.


My peeves are more with the facilities than the people. here in southern california (LA) there are no public ranges with grass, its insane. None of the yardages for the targets have been updated in 20 years. Some ranges are so small they prohibit use of a driver, which kinda defeats a major purpose. For some you also have to bring your own rubber tee for the mats. And one shitty muni course charges people to use their terrible “short game area” by the half hour.


LOL I should take a pic of the ‘short game area’ at my local range. It’s basically a sand pit with a hill next to it surrounded by nets.


None - grow the game - great way to spend time with the wife and start to get the kid involved… if anyone at the range has a probably with it tell them to go to h3ll


“C’Mon Bradley, Will you cover the ball?!” is fantastic… lol


a range that’s clearly uphill or downhill. I’m all for learning how to hit uphill/downhill/sidehill occasionally, but I don’t need the whole driving range to be that way.

I’ve seen it across all level of course. There’s an amazing country club in SW Ohio, a truly great course, that has a range that is definitely hitting off a downhill lie. Always. Would this be for a runoff/drainage issue (that’s probably a dumb question)?


When I play with buddies admittedly not as skilled as me who try to copy every warmup trick I have. Not that I mind but because the do it and then don’t want my assistance as to why I’m even doing what I do in the first place.

I hate mats. Refuse to warm up before a round on them more than just swinging 5/6 swings to make sure my body hasn’t broken down too bad. I’ll go chip small 10 feet shots on any grass patch to get a feel for hitting down

I start ever range sesh the same way. Cig away from the people so I a) don’t smoke anybody as I realize it’s gross to people who don’t want it near them and b) so I can collect my thoughts of 1 or 2 things I wanna figure out. I cannot stand when somebody comes over to stand with me as now I’m cautious of hitting them with smoke and also when the stranger tries to bum one as if he would have been craving one if I wasn’t there. I have a buddy who will do this to me ad nausseum to the point I rather not smoke than deal with annoyance factor.

Ugly divot patterns - and not because I’m a divot pattern snob but because it genuinely limits good hitting patches for the next person.


You don’t twirl on the range?