Driving Range Pet Peeves


I will fully admit to doing something that has to be annoying, I talk to myself, not completely out loud, but like whispering to myself. I don’t know why, but it helps if I berate myself somewhat audibly, not just in my head. I’ve caught people looking at me, justifiably, and then I just get more mad at myself because I can’t figure out why I can’t hit my ball straight, and why I can’t stop whisper/yelling at myself.


Does a bear shit in the woods?


The Vulture - guy who starts eyeing up your pile of balls as you get low hoping to swoop in if you leave any behind


The lefty who chooses the stall right next to me so we have to face each other for the next 20 minutes.


I do this…


This is absolutely dependent on what range you are at. It’s up to you to know if you need to look golf appropriate or not.


The guy who gets to the end of his bucket then walks out onto the range while others are hitting to scoop up any balls nearby.

That’s a lot of pressure on me to not shank my next shot.


This is how I feel about the Foreplay podcast


it doesn’t necessarily piss me off but I always find it funny how people get openly frustrated on the driving range if they aren’t hitting the ball well (my dad is especially guilty of this)


People complaining about range balls and their inconsistency, one of my faves. Make sure you take that 165 yard 8 iron into the first par 3 and end up 20 yards short…


You have no grass range available to you where you live?


I will buy the large bucket if they use tokens, then only use one or two tops of those tokens. Then can use the remaining for a warm up or day when I don’t have as much time. Saves a few bucks vs buying a small or medium every time


no public ranges that I’m aware of in my area have grass tees

I think there was one in Brooklyn that had them, but that’s a long drive in bad traffic


Oh ya. NYC will do that too you. My condolences.


I definitely want to hear from someone on this. I’ve seen people say it both ways.


I’ve never heard anyone say concentrated was better. Linear is so much easier to repair. If you look at the picture in the opening post, you can almost fit the linear inside the concentrated blob.


I’ve always heard linear is the move, especially on bent grass due to the way it grows and for the purposes of repair.


I don’t believe anyone has mentioned Guy Who Brings His Girlfriend To Watch Him.


Ehhhh. Doesn’t bother me. Sometimes my wife likes to come to the range with me and have a beer, take a couple swings. It’s a good time.

Going to the range as a date is a bit different though I’ll give you that.


The guy who whips out some stupid swing trainer (Medicus, Perfect Club, etc).