Driving Range Pet Peeves: Rules, what are they good for?

Anyone got any unique ones? Nothing annoys me more then walking down the range and seeing nothing but the divots on the left and no good areas to hit from.



The guy who comes right next to you when there’s 10 empty spots

The guy who wants to come talk about what’s in your bag


12 years ago (long before everyone was making #content) scattered divots were an epidemic in the Coachella Valley. We fought it the only way we knew how- technology.


The guy who feels obligated to give out unwarranted swing tips. Like dude, you’re actually not helping anyone


As a lefty, in particular, the guy who picks the stall right in front of me. Now we’re going to be facing each other for the next 20 minutes? We have to do the little dance of waiting for the other guy to hit? It’s such an amateur move.


+1 for the overly talkative stall neighbor. I don’t give a crap about the tip you picked up from a YouTube video, and I’m not interested in discussing your opinions on what I have in my bag


Do you guys twirl on the range?


Agree 100% on mats. A couple years ago I was warming up on a range that only had mats - no grass option. There wasn’t much padding there because after that warmup my 7-iron started looking weird to me at setup. Turned out it was bent 2 degrees upright from hitting balls basically straight off concrete.

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Absolutely. Practice like you play lol

  • As a public golfer, I don’t get a practice option other than shitty mats. It hides poor shots and probably makes me worse on a golf course. I hate it.

  • The guys that show up to the driving range dressed in their golf apparel… Why? It’s not like my range is next to a golf course.

  • The range has a 60 ball option that’s $8, 120 balls for $12 and 150 for $13.
    150 balls is a total waste of time. I just get fatigued and start mindlessly hitting shots. And yet I get it.


Twirl like nobody’s watching


+1 to the guy who shows up looking like Ian Poulter. The guys who are best dressed at the range are usually the worst golfers on the course


There is a busy road that runs parallel to my local range and there is always some genius in a car that yells, “Fore!” as they drive by.

  • The guy always on his phone, spends more time texting/talking then hitting
  • music guy - brings his own tunes to the range for all to hear (totally fine with headphones)
  • the ball dumper - just a scattered mess, you can keep them out of the bucket but keep them tidy
  • shadow guy - 0 awareness of shadow interruption (which is why I pick the end of the range)
  • the talker - up and down the range talking to everyone, say hi, get the formalities over with and move on
  • reverse lesson guy - asks you what he is doing wrong, well there are likely 2 or 3 club pros that are more then happy to give you a lesson in the shop (tip: tell him to check his fundamentals and you can move on with your session)
  • and my personal worst - the rope mover - moves the ropes so he has a clean area to hit outta and moves everyone else in the process

The tee chaser: the guy who runs fifteen feet out onto the range to chase down errant tees because he forgot to bring any for the day’s round.


I’ve never said it to him, but one of my golf buddies will almost always switch clubs whenever I do. Usually when we’re warming up for a round. Like if I’m hitting a pitching wedge and switch to an 8iron, he’ll switch clubs like one or two swings after.


The kid who only hits worm burners, but has both parents and a coach watching. It’s not going to happen…


Forgot to add the guy who thinks he is sneaky in reaching out from the stall to get topped balls.

Everyone sees him


I’ve seen both Linear and Concentrated tagged as better. Any agronomists want to chime in?

Anyone that slams or throws a club at their bag on the range. Any saucy expression of anger or frustration on the range generally gets a thumbs down from me.