Drinks on the Course

Okay gang, I’m all in on a lot of what’s preached here on the Refuge, and I’m deep into the golf Twitters and Illuminati preachings, but for the life of me I can’t get my head around folk’s steadfast no fly zone on having a few bevvys on the course. I see questions on Instagram and Twitter about favorite drinks on the golf course and the underground golf world comes out with brass knuckles saying “water or nothing” - I’ve got nothing against mixing in some agua, don’t get me wrong, but can I have a few beers on the course? Or am I out of the club? Asking for a friend.


I feel like I’m in the minority of golfers I know but I don’t drink on the course unless I’ve given up on the round. I just play worse when I start drinking, so unless I give up at the turn and go all in I don’t drink.


I just end up getting dehydrated I guess. Nothing against it though

I’d prefer to play more rounds at better courses and play a match and gamble and not drink compared to my usual summer rounds with the boys where I feel they’re more interested or just as much interested in drinking and wonder why they never get better (besides for never practicing). But they’re having more than “a few.”

Outings though all bets are off as I think its completely acceptable to be more interested in drinking at those events.

So nothing against drinking on the course at all lol BUT for me I always check myself and ask am I here to golf or drink and if its not an outing then I should have gone to the VFW.


This is the correct response.

  • Blue Dolphins Only
  • 1 or 2 is my jam
  • Totally circumstantial - maybe none, maybe need an Uber
  • Golf is drinking-adjacent; I’m here to party

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I pretty much always have a drink at some point in a casual round. Cold day? I’ll throw some whiskey in my coffee. Hot day? I’ll have a couple cold ones in between waters. I won’t get anywhere close to drunk but I like to think it loosens me up a bit and my game is unaffected unless I’m 4+ beers deep.


I can go either way but typically I’ll have a couple - few beers on the course. I don’t ever get hammered though, I gotta drive home.

So basically I’ll gladly drink beers with you on the course.

Water all the way, unless it’s midwinter, in which case I might have a hip flask of single malt.

I’m also a craft beer snob and proud Push Cart Mafioso, so any time I take beer it gets a) warm; b) shaken up; and c) annoying once it’s open, which to me is a waste of a good product. Nothing tastes better than that first post-round sip on a hot day.

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During the week after work 9, depends on if my son is with me.

Saturday morning round with my group, i’ll have one at the turn, one on the 16th (member of the group leaves a cooler in his backyard) and between 1 and 6 after the round depending on my afternoon schedule.

During competition, absolutely not. Booze totally ruins my ability to play good golf.

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I might pick up a beer at the turn for the back 9. Ive never been one to plan out drinking before the round.

I have zero problem with playing partners drinking but I don’t like to do it on the course. I find it makes me play worse, lose focus and in the end not have as much fun.

And don’t get me wrong, I love to drink. Just not when I step inside the ropes.

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Just depends on what kind of round is.

Basically, if I have one drink or five, that round is no longer a serious round.

If I have been practicing a lot and want to see where I’m at, no drinks.

If I’m playing with friends and don’t care what I shoot, load me up.

I mean…pretty much always in the afternoon. If available and acceptable, then yeah, I’m having a drink. Early morning rounds I hardly ever drink.

Definitely circumstantial. However my herbal vitamins are almost always in the bag. Kind of changed my scope on the game (I used to have a pretty awful temper). This normally means I need to drink way more water.


Used to drink on the course, now that I try and play well I don’t. Pretty simple

I’m no more likely to drink alcohol while playing golf than I am playing rugby. Or cricket.

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Chewing tobacco and drinking were pretty standard for me when playing rugby, but come to think of it at the time I played I did the same when I golfed…

̶s̶l̶o̶w̶ drunk play kills golf