Dream Future Ryder Cup Venues


Mostly because I’m a Nebraskan and love this venue: Sand Hills


Not 100% sure, but I suspect that a lot of the traditional open rota and links courses in GB&I will be constrained by the number of fans that can fit around 2 or 3 holes and still see the action because of the dunes, rather than the total number of fans that can fit on the course (would be interesting to see attendance figures for a Ryder Cup day versus, say Saturday at The Open).

That said, one of the best sights in golf is seeing fans 15 deep from tee to green on the first hole on Friday morning.


Very partial to two California tracks - Riviera and LA CC.


Pine Valley! They had people there with Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf


It’s amazing that they are actually going back to Kiawah, as awesome as the course is, getting to it on a normal day is a nightmare as it’s one 2 lane road for miles and miles, can’t imagine how much of a pain it is for the PGA or a Ryder Cup.


It is a nightmare. It’s not a good spectator course either. I went to the 2012 PGA and I like the course, but I won’t go back. This is coming from a resident of SC.


I was at Medinah in 2012 and Hazeltine in 2016.

I’m extremely disappointed that Whistling Straits was chosen, because I strongly believe you need a sizeable city with a number of hotel rooms and decent transportation infrastructure to host this event (at least to host it well).

I played Whistling last year and stayed in Kohler. Great experience, but that won’t be my experience in 2020, because Kohler will be taken by the event. We will be extremely lucky if we get a place in Sheboygan, which is a lot further than it looks, with Ryder Cup fan-entry logistics and all. More likely, we’ll have to find a house to rent and hope we don’t get screwed over by its owner.

Beyond being incredibly beautiful, the course is really good. But it’s not great. If you’ve played it, it’s a bunch of target golf surrounded by a lot of illusion. But the playing areas themselves are relatively flat. It’s a beautiful piece of sitework and landscape architecture… and it’s fun to experience it, sure. But for golf in the area, give me Erin Hills any day of the week.

But for a Ryder Cup? I just don’t get it.

Bethpage will be great with NYC as the hub.

I saw Merion mentioned above but Merion is way too small to host. I was there in 2013 when the USGA cut back on the number of tickets due to the size of the land, and we were still all on top of each other. There’s just no way fans could have anything resembling a good experience when only 4 groups are on the course at a time.

I think we’re due for a West Coast Ryder Cup, personally.


I agree on an West Coast RC. I think in terms of atmosphere the fans being on top of each other at Merion would make for an incredible sight, albeit uncomfortable for the spectators. The rolling hills of Merion would make for great natural grandstands, something that I think is lost with a lot of tournament golf. We need more people stacked up on hillsides a la Olympic Club 18th Hole olympic-club-18thhole-1998-640x360


How has nobody mentioned Mossy Oak Golf Cub yet?


Give me this! Great courses, and prime-time viewing in Chicago.


Excellent point about the prime time viewing!


I didn’t go when the PGA was there because walking around that place when it’s 95 with 100% humidity to watch someone else play golf sounds horrible. Looking back at when I played it I can definitely see that it wouldn’t be great from the fans perspective.


The greatest Ryder Cup course would be Sand Hills - problem is lodging. I could see them hosting a Walker Cup at some point.

Ryder Cup is tied to the PGA so with the move to May for the major championship we will probably not see Ryder Cups in northern cities anymore. Bring on the Jones Family designs!!

Trinity Forest would be a really cool Ryder Cup venue. I could also see the Match Play moving there eventually when the Austin contract runs up.


I would think that would be the exact opposite, they can now have the PGA Champ in the southern/western states in May and the Ryder Cup at Midwest/Northeast courses that would normally have the PGA Champ.


Im from Limerick, Ireland and theres strong rumours around here that the 2026 RC will be hosted at the newly renovated Adare Manor, owned by Irish Billionaire and regular pro am participant JP McManus!


@Andy28992 In honor of your native city native city, I’ve composed a limerick.

There once was a Cup of Sam Ryder
With golfers that scrapped like prize-fighters
Then McManus came in
With his money and grin
And proved the K-Club was not a one-nighter

(Seriously though…the K Club in 2006 was the worst venue I’ve seen. Fool me once, Ireland…)


Well done @Lazstradamus!!

I must say they could have gotten so many better locations in Ireland than the K Club, but for the European Tour the Ryder Cup seems to follow money as opposed to course quality etc.

That being said, Paris should be awesome!


Id love to see another one at Valhalla.


Can’t play it at the Honors b/c they only do amateur golf events.


I would be worried if Whistling had never hosted something before. But they’ve hosted 3 PGAs and those have all gone well. I get that Ryder Cup numbers are bigger but it’ll work out great. I think people are willing to stay a little further from big events like this…Wisconsin traffic is almost never an issue, Milwaukee and Green Bay are each an hour away, Fond Du Lac is 45 min. It’s going to be awesome, Wisconsin fans are going to be LIT.