Dream Future Ryder Cup Venues


2026 onwards, where we headed?

2020 - Whistling Straits
2022 - Marco Simone Golf and Country Club (Rome, Italy)
2024 - Bethpage Black
2026 - ?
2028 - ?
2030 - ?
2032 - Olympic Club


I had thought Rome in 2022 (albeit with some financial concerns) and Bethpage Black in 2024 were already confirmed.

My understanding is the Euro sites are handcuffed a bit by needing to go the highest bidder with less consideration for the quality of the course.


I mean best case scenario they just steal the Walker Cup venues, but I don’t think that’s feasible with the amount of infrastructure they need


I only really know american courses so since you said dream I’ll go with:

National golf links
Pine valley

Oakmont (cut the rough down and play it like it was originally designed)
TPC River highlands always makes for a great finish and they have great fans

I’m sure I can think of more.


They are going to Olympic Club in 2032 for the Ryder Cup.

My dream would be Cypress. But I’m pretty sure that’s nothing by fantasy.

Don’t do it at Augusta. Save it for The Masters.

But Merion or LACC would be great. If they can do US Open there, why not the Ryder Cup?

Also, why not Pebble Beach? Match the golf event that is probably most appealing to non-golf fans with a course that is very easy on the eyes. I vote yes.


Cypress is, regrettably, too small. A prefect example of technology taking some of the great venues away from the game.


TPC’s? Scottsdale? Sawgrass? Irish/British Links if logistically possible?


PGA of America loves Kiawah… PGA is there in 2021, could see the 2028 Ryder Cup being there… gotta think about the courses PGA has relationships with. (Kiawah, Valhalla, Quail Hollow)

Merion, NGLA, LACC, Chicago all have hosted recent Walker Cups… USGA has those for the most part. Cypress has the next US hosted Walker Cup too


I think distance is less of a factor in match play team events, I think the bigger issue is there isn’t enough room for 40,000+ people and tents each day


Thinking of overseas venues in scotland that are not on the open rota, a Dornoch or Berwick would be awesome but logistaclly impossible. Castle Stuart would be really cool, kingsbarns could pull it off as well.


I thought this list was pretty spot on for Scottish courses, @Soly, any thoughts?


Distance isn’t an advantage, both teams have plenty of distance. I’m saying every single par 5 is reachable in two (most with mid-irons) and every hole is driver or 3W and gap or lob wedge. #11 might be driver PW. You just can’t play a professional event there with the clubs/balls we have now and not diminish what Mackenzie was trying to give us with Cypress.


I think the 2021 President’s Cup, along with the most recent PGA Championship, will serve as a audition for Quail Hollow to possibly land a Ryder Cup. Logistics wouldn’t be a problem there and Charlotte in late September would be prime. I think the bigger issue would be whether or not they could make sure they can showcase the final three holes. If you have a ton of matches not getting to 16, you’re forced to watch plenty of unimaginative holes.


Classic links - Royal County Down, The Old Course, Muirfield

Classic American courses we don’t see enough of - Merion, NGLA, Winged Foot, Oakmont


I’d love to see Chambers Bay get another shot at hosting an event.
A lot of risk reward holes set up great for Match Play. THe finishing holes (15-18 would be great!)


The Old Course at St. Andrews would be a blast, in my opinion. Many holes that are reachable, scenic views, great crowds (even though they wouldn’t get to see much action compared to other venues), and arguably the best setting in golf. Stateside, since I’m a native Coloradan, I’m biased and saying Cherry Hills or Castle Pines. Both could produce plenty of excitement, and every drive would be massively long… even in the fall.


ya Pebble in late September/early October is the best weather time of the year for the Monterey Peninsula


Quail is going to be re-routed for the Presidents Cup to cure the issue you raise. It will go 1-8, 12-18, 10, 11, 9. Holes 12-18 will play as 9-15 in the new routing, ensuring that virtually every match reaches the normal 16-18 stretch.


For America:

Merion definitely-- short enough for players to go after it and penal enough for lots of flip flopping in a match
Pinehurst: For spectators this would be an amazing place for it to be with all the Tobacco Road Golf
Oakmont is so pure
Riviera would be outstanding

Royal Portrush- just so stunning
Noordwijkse is stunning in the Netherlands
St. Georges Hill and Formby-- both probably not enough space for infrastructure but it is a dream
Royal County Down


Honors Course outside Chattanooga would be fun.