Draftkings Sportsbook - NLU bet ideas

As a PA resident, I was pumped to hear the newest sponsor of the pod. I know Pointsbet (in NJ) lets the VSIN (vegas sports and info network) folks provide some exclusive bets, so it’s cool to have the option to come up with ideas as NLU fans.

I’m sure there will be some creative ideas…fire away

I’ll start with one that would fit the NLU ethos…Over/Under Successful attempts of “Going for the Green” (so greens under regulation). This could be round by round or total tournament O/U

this is a stat that is tracked so Draftkings could quantify…PGA Tour - Going for the green stats and explanation

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I think adding prop bets of the following would easily take my money:

  • Who birdies first in Round 1: Player A or B?
  • Over/Under balls in water on Hole XYZ
  • Over/Under John Rahm turns to the crowd after a bad shot

Lowest back nine on Sunday at the masters.


Will Fred Couples be on the first page (top-10) of the leaderboard on Thursday evening or later at the Masters?


Bet for The Masters: Odds on Rickie appearing on the broadcast after the conclusion of play but before the winner makes it to the scoring table. If the winner is actually Rickie (lol), the bet is void.


Love this one. would make the 18th green to clubhouse walk electric

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Back door top ten’s.

Back a guy outside the Top 25 to finish the Sunday in the top 10.

How many times FedEx gets a free ad per NLU Podcast Ep


How many “shoutouts” are given during a NLU podcast episode

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H2H at the Masters: Willet v Spieth.

  • Over/under total golf shots shown during any given TV broadcast

  • Weekly odds on Young Hitters to earn their PGA Tour card for next year

O/U Slow play warnings, individual players.

over under on club twirls by a player absolutely needs to be one

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Only for players like Tiger who are filmed on essentially every shot…

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yeah, definitely can’t have that option for every player in the field

@greebs how about for The Masters? They do have every shot recorded :thinking:

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That’s true. And maybe THE PLAYERS ™ as well, if I remember. That would work!

Of course, then there’d be a debate between @Soly and @MerchCzar over what, exactly, constitutes a club twirl…

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sounds like we may have something here

O/U 2 Ams making the cut at Augusta

Gotta go with half for those. They generally don’t like pushes. So 2.5? 1.5?