Double The Nuance, Double The Fun - aannddyy00 for President 22002200

Ask not what The Refuge can do for you, but what YOU can do for The Refuge.

It’s a big place, with lots of room for cool ideas. This will be the basis of my plank. The fundamental idea that should drive this board into the 21st century.

We have experienced a recent uptick in personal attacks, and an abuse of the flag system. This is a message board folks, at the end of the day, we’re here as hobbyists.

Here in The Refuge, all walks of life are able to come together and experience “Nuanced discussion around the game of golf”. Nuance folks. There is a time and a place for dumpster fires, and a time to cool off and try to actually read what the person you’re disagreeing with has actually written.

As someone with as many read posts as anyone here (save for @almostscratchonce), I think I have a pretty good feel for the direction the board has moved over the past couple years.

One of the things that comes up the most in regards to how to improve The Refuge has to do with how we deal with new users. It is of my opinion that we should not have to hold anyone’s hand and that we are all adults. However, a change in our tone could do well to serve the community as a whole from time to time. I have a couple ideas on how new users could better acclimatize to the sometimes-daunting task of jumping into conversation, and feeling like what they have to say on a particular topic is welcomed. Much of the reason new users may feel overwhelmed at first has to do with the unique personal nature of many of the real-life relationships forged during our time here. (I’ve personally never met more than 2 other people IRL from the internet, and have met almost 60 from here). To that, I would suggest putting a select few threads with a more “vibrant” history behind a paywall of sorts, until a new user has reached some arbitrary posts read limit maybe.

Due to the wonderful UI here, it’s very easy to differentiate between users, and therefore apply your own past experiences to particular users posts. People in The Refuge always come with a personality for me. I think that’s one of the greatest things we have here.

There are a few things I can see being slightly changed, but nothing drastic.

Dumpster fires are fun, except for when they’re not. I think I best know where that line falls.

Also folks, it’s really easy to block someone you think isn’t adding to the overall Refuge experience.



and Carthage must be destroyed!




Presented without comment

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Listen, i am here for dumpster fires when necessary.


Who is the Stacey Abrams/Gretchen Whitmer of the Refuge? Transparently auditioning to be @aannddyy00’s VP/attack dog while waiving aside questions about our nominee and blindly lashing out at all who question him…


As a fellow blue collar gui I will 2nd this endorsement.*

*assuming I have a seat in the cabinet.


Fact check .org says:

Almost true


“effectively true”

.025 Pinocchios


I would like to make it clear to all candidates that my vote can be bought. Thank you.


Where are you on moderators? How about the ability edit post titles?

I think the sensitive sallies should be able to lock or unlock the ability for others to change their title.

I have a few ideas for moderators, but i’m not willing to discuss at this time.



Will hire only the best people.

How are we supposed to vote for a guy with a private account?

Release your tax returns refuge receipts!


Upon my election, i will bring the account back public.

Why are there so many threads like this? What the hell did I miss?


Back in '19, everyone got together and decided i should be the President of the Refuge. Its gone so well under my leadership, that the NLU guise have decided to co-opt the idea and make it their own.