Double Bogey Dave 2020: Why Live Under Par When You Can Double It? Platform in Post 66

Avocados are a healthy food, though they are overused these days, which detracts from their appeal IMO.

Related, my wife buys them too often and in too great a quantity, so they often go to waste. Note, when I was typing this I hear her on the phone saying “that’s just throwing money away” when talking to her sister about our nephew.


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Looks like an avocado to me


It’s performance art.


Yesterday, I was fortunate to spend the day with a bunch of other Refugees walking Southern Pines and Tobacco Road (practicing appropriate social distancing of course).

Days like yesterday are what this is all about. Meeting up with fellow sickos and playing some golf. We are so fortunate to live in a time where this type of communication is available to us. This is not some anonymous message board for people to argue with each other (sure it’s a part of it, but not what it is all about). It’s a vehicle for good things in real life.

My candidacy is built around the people. Full platform will be forthcoming later this week.


My Platform:

  • I believe in laissez faire (hands off) approach to the Refuge. The Refuge is what I always wanted the internet to be, but never was.

  • I will create a panel of moderators, and utilize a thread specific to them to discuss how to handle controversial issues, posts, and users as they come up. My panel will consist of Refugees across the spectrum. I also plan on involving the Refuge Supreme Court for tiebreaks.

  • You have the ability to ignore posters who offend your sense of decency or who you find annoying as fuck. Use this ability.

  • Growth is a challenge to manage on the Refuge. We have seen a large number of newcomers which has changed the tone on a number of threads, and is probably daunting for newcomers. I believe the best way to manage this growth while maintaining the sense of community that has made the Refuge such a great place is to encourage users to join their local RACDG chapter to get involved. The RACDG is a fantastic way to take the Refuge local. Having some friends IRL on the Refuge should improve the experience online. My local chapter has been very active, and I have made more friends IRL over the last 6 months than the last 5 years. The Refuge needs the RACDG and the RACDG needs the Refuge.

  • I propose a tutorial section with the help of a number of long time posters who can lay out the rules of the road. This will include written and video documentation. Like the moderators I will nominate, the users nominated will include a cross section of the Refuge.

  • I am troubled by the tone of some longtime Refugees when a newcomer doesn’t follow protocols. A simple, “Check out the Tutorial Section” “These are the rules of the thread” or “this was discussed in post 1892”: will suffice. I strongly encourage the use of DMs to point out a faux pas or a friendly worded message to highlight the breach. This is also where the local RACDG chat will be helpful.

  • Refugees should do their best to refrain from taking anything personally, unless a line is crossed. If a line is crossed, we have a few mechanisms to settle these disputes. The preferable method is a duel, if that is not possible, then matters should be brought to the Supreme Court for adjudication.

  • The person on the other end of the comments is a real person and they have real feelings just like you. Try to remember that before you hit “Reply.”

  • Low Handicappers don’t often understand the pain of a high handicapper. I played my first round of golf in 1987, and I didn’t break 80 until the fall of 2018. Haven’t broken 80 since. I love this game, and will continue to go out and get my teeth kicked in every weekend for as long as my body will allow.

  • I don’t know everything, I will always do my best to “not be a scumbag and use my best judgment”. The TC Way is the only way.

  • I was fortunate enough to have been on the NLU Pinehurst trip, where I met a number of Refugees for the first time, and have been playing golf with Refugees pretty much every weekend since. At the dinner on Saturday in Pinehurst, the NLU guys talked about how their goal was to create a community, which resonated with me down to my core.

  • I promise that my door will always be open.

At the end of the day we need to remember that we are all on this site because we love golf. This is not the Facebook comments section of an article posted by USA Today. These are people you will likely meet IRL. We have a responsibility to each other to keep the vibe of the Refuge going. This is a community of real people, many of whom have forged real bonds IRL. The Refuge is a vehicle for this. The different opportunities to banter back and forth on topics golf and golf adjacent is great, but the underlying core of the Refuge is a community of real people.

I look forward to playing golf with you.



Due to the involvement of the RACDG in my platform @The_Cad_Says will be referred to as “His Grace” forever more.


Our benevolent dictators, @Tron @djpie @Randy @Soly and @MerchCzar will be referred to by whatever title they choose. I assume Merch Czar already has his title.

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I will most likely give one to @alexshreff if he doesn’t qualify through an event for contributions to the Refuge via the Sunday Bag and his taste in Golf Shoes.

Any exemptions will be merit based for contributions to the Refuge.


This is the kind of platform sure to win you the election, @Double_Bogey_Dave.

(Unfortunately I will no longer be able to attend the NIT due to work eliminating our vacation this year, but I’ll vote for you just because of principle)


ELITE level politics from @Double_Bogey_Dave here folks, other candidates take note


Sorry about your PTO. Hopefully things improve by the end of the year and you can take PTO by then.

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DBD the only candidate campaigning in to Week 2…?


Honestly blowing the wad early and fading quickly is v refuge, so at least they’re consistent


Other than @The_Cad_Says aka “Your Grace” it appears that way.

I’m in it for the long haul.


I’m not out. But I’m not not out. I’m not out out. But I’m not in in. Clear?


Crystal clear

I’d like to add something that came up when playing golf with @ColoniusFunk @CrucialTaunt and @Are_you_double_D yesterday.

In 2016, I had a politically oriented Facebook post that had over 2,500 comments (all from people I know), that went way off the rails. Many people were crossing the line and it got really personal. I was getting DMs from people who were quite upset with what someone said to them. I refrained from taking the bait and did my best to remain civil towards those whom I disagree with.

I had people I work with mention it to me on more than 1 occasion. As survey researchers, some commented that my friends list would be an “interesting” group to survey.

Lastly, I was in a fraternity in college that was broke because our founders were young (the oldest alumni was 26 when I pledged). I served on the executive council for 4 years, and I was the bridge between the different factions in the group. I’ve always been a peacemaker/consensus builder. It’s in my DNA.