Double Bogey Dave 2020: Why Live Under Par When You Can Double It? Platform in Post 66

Hello my fellow Refugees,

I have been following the announcements of candidates, and due to the prevalence of low Handicappers in the field of candidates, I have formally decided to announce my candidacy to ensure that High Handicappers have a voice in this process.

My platform is still evolving (and I would love to hear your feedback on my platform)

  • I believe in laissez faire (hands off) approach to the Refuge. The Refuge is what I always wanted the internet to be, but never was.

  • That said, growth is a challenge to manage on the Refuge. We have seen a large number of newcomers which has changed the tone on a number of threads, and is probably daunting for newcomers. I believe there is a way to manage this growth while maintaining the sense of community that has made the Refuge such a great place.

  • I am troubled by the tone of some longtime Refugees when a newcomer doesn’t follow protocols. A simple, “These are the rules of the thread” or "this was discussed in post 1892: will suffice. Saying “who are you” isn’t the best way to address a breach of etiquette. I strongly encourage the use of DMs to point out a faux pas or a friendly worded message to highlight the breach

  • All Refugees should do their best to refrain from taking anything personally, unless a line is crossed. If a line is crossed, we have a few mechanisms to settle these disputes. The preferable method is a duel, if that is not possible, then matters should be brought to the Supreme Court for adjudication.

  • Abuse of flagging is becoming a problem. You have the ability to ignore posters who offend your sense of decency. @Randy has a lot of responsibility running the Trap Draw, working on Strapped and swiping right on Tinder. Let’s not waste his time with silly disputes we can handle ourselves.

  • Low Handicappers don’t often understand the pain of a high handicapper. I played my first round of golf in 1987, and I didn’t break 80 until the fall of 2018. Haven’t broken 80 since. I love this game, and will continue to go out and get my teeth kicked in every weekend for as long as my body will allow.

  • I am a member at a small family run course where my dues are $260 per year. I will play anywhere at any time. Sure I love great courses, but I also love courses with less than ideal conditions.

  • My youth was misspent (or well spent depending on your point of view). I have a few skeletons in my closet, I’ll just say my first Grateful Dead show was a 'transcendent experience" Come at me, I have nothing to hide.

  • I don’t know everything, I will always do my best to “not be a scumbag and use my best judgment”. The TC Way is the only way.

I was fortunate enough to have been on the NLU Pinehurst trip, where I met a number of Refugees for the first time, and have been playing golf with Refugees pretty much every weekend since. At the dinner on Saturday in Pinehurst, the NLU guys talked about how their goal was to create a community, which resonated with me down to my core. I am a firm believer that “it takes a village” and I promise that my door will always be open.

Thank you for your consideration.

High Handicappers of the World Unite!


I endorse @Double_Bogey_Dave
guy has gotten involved at every level and seems to “embrace the ethos”


Thank you for your support!

Jeez, this sounds like a well reasoned, thoughtful, manifesto.

That’s, like, soooooo 2008!


As someone who has never broken 80, I resent someone who has broken 80 claiming to be a high handicapper.


As important as the census is in determining the direction of NLU’s future endeavors, I can think of no one more perfectly suited to both interpret the data and improve the process than our resident social scientist, @Double_Bogey_Dave. This man is a gentleman AND a scholar.


At this point you have two choices. You can start to practice and grind at it. Or you can start playing courses with lower par. Much easier to break 80 on a par 62 course!


Here are some recent scores from me

I am a tremendous slouch.

*The TR rounds were played for $50.

…or when you pay a fore caddie to ‘help’ :wink:


Look. I heart DBD. But I need to know which president i will be getting. The pleasingly plump, more to love pinehurst gui or the scrawny, chiseled tourist sauce gui. Perception is important and outward facing image matters.


I’ve been a Thiccboi since birth. While my weight may fluctuate from time to time, I’ll always be a Thiccboi.


I heart you too!

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A few tidbits about me:

Name: Dave Bergeron (it is in my bio, and so is my picture)
Age: 43
Origin Story: Born in Baltimore, MD, raised in the Timonium/Cockeysville area. Big fan of Andy Nelson’s (shout out Strapped Baltimore). Moved to NC to attend college back in the days of Grunge. Flunked out of East Carolina 2 times because I was having “too much fun”. Moved back to Baltimore in 2000, during 2001-2002 I lived directly across the street from Clement St Cafe, the bar in the Wire where the Sobotka crew hung out. After losing my job after 9/11 and going to work for my dad for a few months, decided to move back to NC to go to grad school. Talked my way into the Sociology MA program at ECU. Graduated with a 3.7. When I was given an award for academic excellence, my dad laughed audibly considering how much of his money I wasted between the ages of 18 and 20.Married, no kids.

Golf credentials: Been playing terrible golf for years, took me over 30 years to break 80 and I have only done it once. I organize an annual trip for a bunch of my friends from college, we went to MB 13 times and Pinehurst two times. Been watching pro golf since the mid 80s. Completely addicted and obsessed with a game that abuses me on the reg.

What I am like: I would describe myself as a consensus builder. I feel everyone has something to offer, in many cases the problems are poor communication or misinterpretation of what was said. I’m a people person (many people say they are, but I really am).

Feel free to AMA.


I’m curious to hear more of your thoughts on flagging:

You say that abuse of flagging is becoming a problem. But in reading the community guidelines for this place, one finds the following (emphasis in original):

When you see bad behavior, don’t reply. It encourages the bad behavior by acknowledging it, consumes your energy, and wastes everyone’s time. Just flag it . If enough flags accrue, action will be taken, either automatically or by moderator intervention.

Why are posters being chastised for following the explicit and emphasized instructions in the community guidelines? If these guidelines are just boilerplate from the forum software, shouldn’t they be removed, or amended? In short, how can users—especially new users—be expected to follow the board’s norms when wholly inconsistent messages are being sent about what those norms are?


The problem is not when people flag bad behavior, it’s when they flag posts they don’t agree with or they flag posts in order to get them deleted to control the narrative.


No, that’s not the case. Randy has made clear he doesn’t want to see any flags, including those that violate the explicit community guidelines, e.g., ad hominem attacks.

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inject this straight into my veins.

hi Dave!


I don’t remember hearing Randy say to not flag anything. The big guy is a big proponent of “if you see something, say something.” But I think I remember him saying to stop flagging posts because you didn’t like the post.

Okay, you can believe what the big guy is a proponent of. Except he told me in a private message that if someone calls you a Nazi, you should just handle it in the thread, not flag it. Which is exactly the opposite of what the guidelines say to do.

And I agree with him.

If being called a nazi on a golf message board is the worst thing that ever happens to you…

Sometimes the best course of action is just blocking them, or not replying.