Dormie Club

New guy on the refuge here.

I am heading down to Pinehurst in late June with some buddies. Playing Tobacco Road, #2, #4, #7, #8 and then planning to play Pine Needles once tee times are available. Does anybody know whats up with Dormie Club? Is it private or not? I have read on other forums about people playing it but I can’t figure out what the deal is. Any guidance would be great.

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I have no idea or guidance my guy. I am just jealous and hope you have a great time! A pinehurst trip with the boys is a dream trip. Play well

Pretty sure its private now. I played it several times before they converted to private and its amazing. I was surprised when it converted to private given its location and no neighborhood around it.

Welcome, @Jofis13.
Nice itinerary so far. Well done. A few Dormie guise on the Refuge who may have information for you. Beyond that there’s the North Carolina thread and the Pinehurst thread for you to dig into. The search function is your friend in travel.


It’s private but they allow bookings through a couple of travel companies eg Tobacco Road Travel.


Can confirm that I was able to book Dormie Club through Tobacco Road Travel.

Tobacco Road Travel told me last week Dormie was $295 I believe. (Just double checked my email and her response to my complaint about overpricing was “A single round at Dormie Club is $295 per person.”)

They offered me a package for three people at their lowest priced hotel offering with two rooms for like $650/each that included a round at Mid Pines, Tobacco Road, and Dormie. Two nights stay. This was a quote for this month so not sure if those are Rona prices or not.

If you can play it, I recommend that you do… though maybe not at $295 (make your own value judgments about money; I don’t know or want to know if $295 is 1/10th your yearly income or 1/1000000000th).

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