"Don't Stop Believing" - The Campaign of Halamalarky (@Hala-Mark-Rey) is Now SUSPENDED

I’m actually hoping he doesn’t. He’s a good man, and that’s enough for me.


Like I said in other threads, those that seek out the power are the ones you don’t want in power. The best leader is one that becomes a leader not because he wants the power, but because he realizes he must do it for everyone else’s benefit.


They all get corrupted anyway, I’d rather someone who we know what we have then ruin a good man and not now what he will become

Have we not learned anything from the US election process??


I am beyond flattered. I thank @BaxterMSP for wanting me to throw my hat in the ring, and for his glowing nomination of me for President.

My time on The Refuge has been one that has provided me (aside from my wife) the most joy in the past 6 months since joining in November of 2019. I was fortunate enough to attend the Duel at the Alamo and meet many of you, including some who are running for President. Meeting @BaxterMSP and having him as a playing partner at Brack for the Duel was an amazing experience, and I thank him for the nomination.

When it comes to statistics here on The Refuge, I definitely pale in comparison in regards to “activity” to those such as @aannddyy00 @RobertHunter . Both are great guys, and I am privileged to have played a round with each of them in the past 6 months. I do visit every day, but my motto is to contribute with quality vs. quantity.


Most of my contributions within The Refuge now, mostly because of COVID-19, is through The Refuge Wine Society and contributing knowledge to those who are earnest with learning more about wine and spirits. I’ve found joy in collaborating with others in that thread to boost the reputation and positive impact the interactions have made in the lives of my fellow Refugees.

However, with that joy, comes a bit of melancholy with the wild west that The Refuge can be on certain days - especially those as of late. I understand that COVID-19 has people on edge (it has me on edge!), but I believe there are ways to help each other out in a positive way, while keeping the peace on a daily basis. Thus begins my campaign election points and creed:

"Don’t Stop Believing"

As President of The Refuge, I will adhere to the laws and guidelines administered by the NLU Boys when running for President. My campaign and hopeful election will focus on the following:

  • Moderation of The Refuge - While I do believe in the “Invisible Hand Theory” of letting things work themselves out, I do believe there are times when moderation needs to step in and reset things for everyone. I will assemble a “Cabinet of Moderators” who will help me in moderating the site and threads - including talking with specific members about their behavior if necessary. This will be done through positive reinforcement rather than ruling with an iron fist.

  • Post Limits & Thoughtful Contributions - I believe The Refuge was built on the belief that golf is the common denominator within all of us to coexist in relative harmony. At the end of the day, we all have other interests aside from the wonderful world of golf. However, I do believe that some threads get out of control, which contributes to unnecessary confrontations and frustrations. Is that a fact of life in general? Absolutely. But I also believe that being thoughtful with your contributions to The Refuge can be something that should grow on a daily basis. My plan is to improve this topic.

  • Recognition of Outstanding Members - We all have the ability to contribute in a positive way to The Refuge. But every now and then, there are certain members who go above and beyond (some in an indirect way) to bring joy and harmony in to the lives of Refugees. I think or @BaxterMSP and @desertduffer and the “spat” that spawned the Duel at the Alamo, and having 50+ Refugees (myself included) come from all over North America for a weekend of fun, golf and camaraderie. I would have never met all of you that I did meet that weekend, and establish the friendships I have know with some of you from that weekend. I also think of members like @Geaugolf @GRWhitehead @Lazstradamus and @gatorz7888 who contribute so much to this community. Whether its through amazing clubhead covers, a fledgling and emerging distillery and the knowledge that comes with it, a precise and encyclopedic knowledge of golf history, or a passionate lefty who contributes so many great clubs to the Silk Road, these members contribute in a positive way that gets us all excited. My plan is to recognize more members like that on a regular basis with badges, monthly award or special recognition that is unique to the individual.

  • A Collaborative Government - Finally, I believe the best successes in life are those that are collaborative with others who share the same beliefs and sentiments. We are all golf sickos. We all love the game and love how the game has brought us together. In this super “exclusive” sect of the golf world, I believe that governance will be best served through a collaborative government. While I may be president, I will see the governing over the course of 6 months as something that is done with the help of many.

“It takes a village to raise a child”

And in this sense, it takes all of us to raise The Refuge up into something that is legendary.

I humbly accept the request to run for President, set forth by @BaxterMSP.

In the name of wine, whiskey and golf, help me bring this vision to fruition with your vote!


One last thing, if elected, I will work hard to CONVINCE the NLU boys to let my exemption to the NIT (I have one already from San Antonio) be given to someone else as well with the two exemptions set by them. If I succeed in this endeavor, I will have three exemptions to pass on to those of you who would like to participate.


You have my vote good sir…here’s to the next president of the Refuge!!!


Nvm the:
ATL event
Red sweater
Logo flag
Swing roasts
Courtroom Prayers
epic failure on jeopardy
Duck Races
eBay tips
Top Gun cliff notes

Not my president.
As they say: GLWS

(No Ill will meant. Srsly. Craic on)


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What is your stance on the thread title name changes?

Also want to make clear… are you for or against post limits?

@Randy… will the top candidates be invited to an NLU moderated debate?


& when it happens, just do it here, because a Zoom would be a nightmare with so many people trying to talk. In fact, all future political debates should be held on an online message board with candidates required to type their answer and if they talk out of turn, their post is ignored.

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Currently getting ready for a Refuge Tequila and Mezcal class for tonight. I will answer in full later tonight!


That settles it.


That’s a good idea. Let us think on it and see if it’s possible


A Zoom debate is perfect doable. Just have everyone mute themselves, with the exception of the moderator and candidates. I do it every week with wine classes with as many as 40 people. Not problem!


Pretty clear that @Randy should be our Jim Lehrer style moderator with @Tron the bomb throwing sidekick. @Soly is the big money, national party fat cat whispering in the moderators ear. @djpie runs the A/V while @MerchCzar is denied entry due to the Secret Service discovering a photo of a weaponized “skullet”. It’s all coming together…


I’d gladly be proven wrong, but I think your class is just a little different than having potentially 5-7 people “debating” campaign policies

Not if the moderator mutes everyone but the person talking.


I believe the big man can keep order.

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I’m sorry I can’t stop thinking about this.

Look I CANNOT WAIT to tee it up with such a fine gentleman as @Hala-Mark-Rey. Clearly a class act. Hopefully this happens at wild horse?

But there are some key misgivings here. I’m all for celebrating refugees. But let’s do it for the important things.

@Geaugolf first job is making ACEs. She was the original episode of Ace cam but she made it. One take. and it ended. But EAL realized it had SEO value so he buried the tapes.

@GRWhitehead should be offended. Try Bespoke passion project that brings joy to DOZENS. And no mention of the Flow? The defeat of gameshow hosts? Impeccable taste in IG accounts?

@Lazstradamus is known for many things. This might be 8. Or 9 on the list. And. “Precise”?

Do you even Refuge?