Do you like golf vlogs? If so, why?


Alright so its been like 6 months, when can we expect this?


I believe this was the Wild World of Golf thing they teased with a trailer during The Match Presented by Capital One® but I don’t have any inside info.


Exactly! This is why I want some answers! haha

I need my golf fix, this would be perfect time of year to do it as I can assure you I will not be dedicating my time to the Shark Shootout, however I am super interested in learning more about Wolf Hammer and this supposed Wild World of Golf


Yo! I’m working on it! Chill!


This is why we love you @djpie


It’s coming along nicely.


Lets send it up to DJPie up in the booth…

Is that TAIII on your shirt?


instant street cred with The Dead Stealie


Definitely think a matchplay situation would be good if done at a good pace.

Maybe a 6 hole match would be ideal. You could do it on the course and film every 2nd or 3rd hole so you wouldn’t need the whole course to yourself.

4 ball better ball is a bit slow and you see too many meaningless shots. Would like just 1 v 1 for YouTube.

Have the Race to Dubiety between the NLU guys


@djpie can’t wait big dog!


I know this is a bit old, but I thought I’d through in my two cents. I loved Wild World of Golf and would stop working for the day to watch another match if it was released right now. With that being said, I don’t need to see every shot from everyone on every hole on Tourist Sauce. One of the things I like about you guys is the level of fun you bring to the game. I don’t watch the guys that post full course, shot by shot vlogs. I don’t care what they shoot because to me, score is secondary to having fun. When I play, I always keep score and try to do my best. But my primary reason for playing golf is to have fun with my buddies. And that’s the vibe I get from you guys.