Do you like golf vlogs? If so, why?

We’ve gotten a lot of suggestions asking us to put together some golf vlogs. Including comments saying they want every shot filmed, graphics, etc.

My question is - is this something that would interest you? And if so, why? I honestly struggling with the idea that the internet would want to see all of our shots over the course of a round, but apparently this is done on YouTube and stuff, and thousands of people watch it. Can someone explain the appeal to me?

I currently watch a few and enjoy those, but I don’t think I would want you guys to do it. I feel like the drone footage you get, and quick videos are enough. At some point I feel like it would take away from your golfing experience if you filmed EVERY shot. Just seeing clips of the course and a few highlighted notes makes me want to visit more than seeing the entire course.

I don’t know if I would watch a full round shot by shot, but more content similar to the Wolf Hammer video would be badass. That video was in a similar theme to Kisner’s VICE video where they’re gambling and screwing around. It makes the content really fun to watch. Especially when someone makes a big putt or sticks one.


I would echo the sentiment above. Full course vlogs would be a bit more of an investment to watch. But videos in the 10-15 minute range would be much more digestible. Also, DJ (I’m assuming) is great in the editing room and the production quality is great.

Or, as you’ve been doing on periscope, video of a great hole/stretch of holes would be interesting. Whole round, not as much.

I think ONE video a year of a match between the NLU crew would be cool. (Maybe call it the Killhouse Cup?)You would not have to show every shot, but the majority of them. I am thinking a production like Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf from the 1960s.


Absolutely incredible that you just said this. You’re gonna love what we’ve got coming.


This I would definitely watch! I was thinking they would do full round vids frequently and that would be a lot of time to commit. But this idea would be really fun.

I will say, the more I think of it, it could be decent “evergreen” content. If I were taking a trip somewhere, I would watch leading up to it.

I do enjoy watching golf vlogs. Always interesting to see non pro’s play and see the shot selection and decision making that happens. Much easier to relate to then watching tour players. It would certainly be interesting to watch you guys play wolf hammer.

I enjoy watching a few golf vlogs, especially when they talk out course management. However, I could do without the over the top sauce they spray, "I’m here on the right side of the fairway, 165 out, I’m just going to hit a nice easy 6 up and make birdie…(swings)…“looks like I came up short and in the greenside bunker”

That being said, watching Tron spew his knowledge on how he is about to shape this shot would be quite enjoyable


Tron talking about hitting a little filet 9 from 120 then proceed to block it 20 yards right would be incredible entertainment.


“slap queef”

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Every Shot!!? We have course vlogers. I like your wolf hammer videos lol. Get more video of Tron’s short game.

“Brevity is the soul of wit” - some English dude named Bill

I loved the wolf hammer videos and even some of the periscope stuff is great as well to see the heat of competition. HOWEVAH! I think judicious editing is the key to these videos. It’s cool to see a couple shots here and there, but I really can’t see my watching an entire 18 holes. Show me the highlights - great shots, sick burns, tops, and hole outs from 140. @scuff nailed it with one a year(ish) Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf production. That would be awesome, and doing it only every now and again would keep the novelty.

Full disclosure, I’ll probably watch whatever you throw up there, so I’m not sure how useful this comment is…


Your Winter Park video was a great format. I’d watch more videos like that highlighting underrated golf courses or hidden gems. Perfect emphasis ratio on the actual golf shots and the overall experience.



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I would be more likely to watch if you do it like a CBS broadcast. Show all of Tron’s shots, and then sprinkle a little bit of everybody else, excepts putts, please make sure to show all the putts.


Refuge Exclusive: We may be taping this exact thing tomorrow.


The content you guys have produced recently has been fantastic - Winter Park, Shinnecock preview, etc.

As others have mentioned - it’s cool to see a few shots here and there, but I wouldn’t do an in depth course vlog that covers every shot.


I must admit, I never thought I’d find myself watching rounds of golf vlogs.

That being said, I recently found myself working through some of the golfholics vlogs recently, particularly the shot by shot style vlogs that they did for certain courses.

They were fairly concise, well edited and surprisingly relaxing to watch, almost in an ASMR like quality.

I think the NLU crew version would make for great entertainment. You’d bring more humour/irreverence and hopefully more of a focus on the architectural aspects of the courses as well.

Also, a full round of WolfHammer, with on screen graphics of each for dot, hammer etc. is an experiment in golf youtubing that needs to happen.


I like them because it’s fun to see guys closer to my ability in on-course situation and are fun/easy to watch at work.

The Wolf Hammer video is my favorite on the channel so far.