Do I need a driver? The pain of a long hitting high handicapper

Sure they are a crutch. But people with an amputated leg or a broken ankle need crutches.
Most players are more like a person with an amputation than a broken ankle.
One will never get better… therefore will always need a crutch. The smaller group can get better and throw down their crutches, with time and treatment (practice / lessons)


But I have no desire to fight anyone.

Yeah - good buddy of mine had an SLDR that he couldn’t keep on the planet, always missing a mile right. He got fitted a couple years ago into a Cobra F Max (he sarcastically calls it the square strike of drivers) and the fitter flat out laughed at him (nicely) when he saw the SLDR and said it was extremely unforgiving. HE absolutely splits fairways now, sometimes with a controlled draw. It’s the single most important golf purchase I’ve seen someone make, completely changed his game.

Find a new driver first, that thing sucks.

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If you are really a big hitter like that, then you want to hit driver or you are giving away your biggest advantage in this game. Most people who say they hit the ball 270 do not do it. If you can, then get a more forgiving driver for you and take advantage.


I am the opposite by the way. I hit lots of fairways. Maybe 12 out of 14 on a regular day. I’m beginning to think I’m ready to gain some distance even if the trade-off is accuracy. Going from 240 to 260 would be a big move.

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SLDR? Unforgiving? Hey, @tedscott would you like to comment on your recent driver switch?

Interested in how far you would expect to hit driver if you hit a 4i 250yds and a 2h 280yds.
These are some impressive numbers and suggest your swing isn’t ‘shit’
I too am a high hcp, get get it out there when I align the stars, but would say my best drive, not average, would be somewhere in the region of 270yds and for a scrub I consider that pretty good

Fitted driver an option yes, but if you can bomb irons and hybrids like that, maybe a session with a pro to check driver swing and see if there are tweaks to make or even ask him for a driver recommendation…pro’s usually have old clubs or demos around, as to try a couple?

Actual photo of me checking if @xthrubyx noticed I too pulled 2 hybrid for a 190 yard par 3 with a slightly hurting breeze…


Yes, the SLDR was really great but I hit some foul balls on moderate misses. Switched to the Mavrik SZ this hear and it’s buttterrr. Shaft has a lot to do with it too, but the Mav is very nice and forgiving.


That is a refreshing take.

Exactly I played on Friday from the whites on a 5800 yard course and hit driver 2 times. Back to my original point. Is it worth putting in the time and money into the skill of driving when I need/use it so little?

The consensus seems to be yes here, because it is low hanging fruit to hit driver accurately, with the right equipment anyway.

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This feels so true in my bones. I started the year a 13hcp (after much training in my garage) hitting consistently in the low 80s, with my first legit round in the 70s, now down to 9.9.

Last five rounds I’ve not been able to practice as much and have been struggling with the big right miss with my driver and 3W. Haven’t sniffed below 86 and had a couple up in the 90s.

What I would do

  1. Buy a cheap Ping G15/20/25/30
  2. Get a lesson
  3. Practice/play
  4. Get another lesson
  5. Practice/play
  6. Get fit for a driver (if you really want to spend the money)

I’m honestly not sure because I hit it well so irregularly. When it was working this summer, it was right around 300, but a lot of people have told me I should be hitting it farther. I just can’t quite line up the swing, for whatever reason.

I don’t know near enough about golf to diagnose my swing. Wish I did. I hear a lot of “too inside” and “too steep” though. Hahaha. I just swing hard and hope. Fun when it works, not a lot of fun when it doesn’t.

No judgements here, my friend. We’d play, you’d hit your hybrid, I’d hit my 8 iron, you’d take a 3 and I’d take a 5. Hahahaha. Tale as old as time.


A paradox of golf is that it is easier to hit fairways as you move back from the white tees. Of course the world thanks you for playing from the whites. I just don’t know why a guy wearing big boy pants would do so unless it is mandated by your course.


Would you agree going at driver again with an ultra punishing club is also not a good idea though?

If you can straighten it say 25-30% with the same distance, what are we even discussing? You said you aren’t great with irons, more loft should equal less spray, even from some rough

I take that compliment. I am under the impression, and I think the refuge agrees with me, that unless you are in the single digits then you don’t have a business playing from the tips. No matter how far you hit the ball.


This is not the point though is is? If you hit driver straight’ish and had 9i vs a lesser club off the tee and needing 7i+ when you aren’t homes in with irons…which would you pick?