DMV Fall Classic: Charity Donation Details Posted

Do you live in the Mid-Atlantic/can get here easily and safely, and are tired of all these fancy Refuge events in warm places with shiny new clubs on boring, modern golf courses? Let’s fix that.

Who: Me, and also you. Maybe other folks, too.
What: Golf of the archaic variety (if desired)
When: The last Saturday of September or the first Saturday of October
Where: Somewhere in the DC/Baltimore area (will depend on date preferences)
Why: Because DC and Baltimore have been woefully neglected by both the PGA Tour and the Refuge Tour and we should change that

The plan is to hold a normal tournament for all comers, and also a tournament within that tournament. Everyone is welcome to sign up and play in the big tournament for the big prizes (probably a case of Natty Boh or a one-month supply of Old Bay)…

…but hidden within that tournament will be a tournament of exceptional skill and danger, not for the faint of heart. A tournament for those playing with classic blade irons (pre-1990) and wooden drivers. Will there be local rule adaptations for those players to bring back the thrill of an over-the-shoulder drop? Perhaps. Will we have long drive competitions and other tests of skill and cunning with spare classic clubs for everyone to participate in? Absolutely. Will I encourage you to dress up like you’re playing in a PGA tournament in 1976? Undoubtedly. Will the winner(s) of that tournament receive prizes beyond their wildest imagination? Probably not, it’s pretty short notice and hopefully we’ll be giving most of the money to charity.

Here’s what I need from you now: just answer the two polls below and read up on the important information at the end.

Are you in?

  • Yes
  • Leaning Yes
  • No
  • Depends on the Date

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If you’re interested, what date works best for you?

  • September 26th
  • October 3rd

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Now for the important stuff:

Proceeds and donations from this event are going to go to the Living Classrooms Foundation. The LCF is a Baltimore–DC nonprofit that disrupts the cycle of poverty and helps our community become safer, stronger, and healthier by meeting individuals where they are and building skills for life. Living Classrooms inspires children, youth, and adults to achieve their potential through hands-on education, workforce development, health and wellness, and violence prevention programming.

Specifically, we’ll be donating to the LCF’s Community Needs Fund, which is providing much-needed aid and services to families in the area during the pandemic. From their website, the Community Needs Fund helps LCF “provide critical support and services including distribution of food, hygiene, and essential household items; remote hands-on learning, regular well-being check-ins, and help for the unemployed to access resources and connections to current high demand jobs. The Fund will help us serve our most vulnerable community members during the current pandemic and anticipated future impact.”

Even if you’re not interested in participating in the tournament, I encourage you to click around their website for a while—the sheer volume of work they’re doing in Baltimore and DC is beyond inspiring.

That’s all I’ve got for now. If you’re super interested and willing to help me track down responses from courses once we lock in a date, DM me.


Just want to clarify:

You don’t have to play classic clubs if you don’t want to, but I’m still going to try and get you to dress like you’re playing in like the 1983 version of the Eastern Open (RIP). Want to see some time-traveler lookin’ folks.

  1. IF I can make it, I have the OG set of Lynx blades I learned on from middle school years. I’m super excited for that.
  2. Cialis Western Open makes dressing hard
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Just a suggestion but it’s always more fun to play when the courses are firmer and faster. In the mid-Atlantic that means playing in the fall. So October would probably be ideal from a weather standpoint. But obviously it depends on what works for the group.

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While I do not currently have a set of classic blades and persimmons, I am very interested in this event, and may start the search for tournament compliant equipment shortly.

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Sorry, but I am a putter away (and I have my eye on one from eBay) from having a complete Walter Hagen bag. If I can make the dates work, I’m gonna have to go even older.



I purchased some Jerry Pate OG Wilson blades three weeks ago after looking into my crystal ball and seeing this event. Can I play blades? Absolutely NOT. Are we gonna let it rip anyway? 23847298%


I was thinking about a birth year set of Wilsons myself to decorate the man cave, and now I have an excuse to buy a driver for the wall too


@fore20 needs to come


I have to check on my dads set of wilsons to see if they qualify. You hooked me at natty boh, if the glass has an old bay rim you are living the high life.

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Do I make this Mar-Boh-Rita for lunch?


Old Bay --> celery salt --> celery --> vegetables --> well-rounded lunch


I just want to warn you now that you might be underestimating how much Old Bay I use in a month. I was nodding along when the Strapped boys were at @kvv’s house and they were talking about putting Old Bay on everything.


we got the 7.5 lb’er with the handle.


If you use more than the 7.5 lb one that I linked in a month, you need to get a cholesterol test lmao

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7.5 pounds is a lot. But it’s blue crab season, so I think I could make it happen! :rofl:

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No chance I can make it in person, but want to stay in the loop on this one and would love to sponsor a player and donate like we did for the Nebraska event. Great work @RobertHunter and the charity looks awesome.

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I voted “Depends on The Date” then saw I can’t make either date :rofl: oh well hope it turns out great, I’d be interested in the sequel for sure. I live near Pittsburgh but I have family in Kent Island so I’m in the area a couple times a year

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Any of yall who bid up my drivers on ebay now are going to have hell to pay

Just got an email for flights from Boston to DC for $20 on JetBlue, $45 with a checked bag. Hopefully that lasts long enough to pick a date, cause that would be cheaper than driving.

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