DJ Pie Funkadelic

Hey @djpie can you share the playlist for Tourist Sauce Oregon Episode 1 and the NLU Cup episode 2? Specifically the straight funk playing in the background?

I know there’s no #freeads but the music lately is a quiet MVP.

Damn. I thought this might be the sequel to the Tron Sucks thread.


What happened to the Tron Sucks thread? It was about 45 posts last night when I called it a night last night, but don’t see it now?

The gui who started it deleted his thread and account which is a shame because it was a fun thread.


The music for NLU cup episode two made it sound like there was an ice cream truck driving up and down sweetens cove road the whole time

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lets take this over to the Tourist Sauce thread!

Tough scene. This is a situation where the Refuge desperately needs an archivist or a historian, or as my club calls it a “Heritage Committee”.

Well, this is a place to start


Sweet thanks!

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Fun thread for long time Refugees who love a good pile on…not so fun for a guy posting for the first time and posting his opinion. Pretty shitty scene if you ask me.


I mean, that would be kind of a nice addition…

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