Direct to consumer clubs/balls


I was surprised how well the Vice Pro Plus ball performs. I haven’t really noticed any durability issues, so I just ordered another 5 dozen.


I’m also a Vice Pro Plus guy. I feel like they perform just as well as a ProV. I’ve also had no durability issues so far. Would highly recommend.


Same here with the Vice Pro Plus. Just ordered 5 dozen with the free personalization added bonus which runs through this weekend.


Note on the Vice balls: Don’t order the Vice Pro Soft. They have a matte finish that starts to get dirty the second it is removed from the sleeve.


Can’t speak for Bombtech’s clubs but my Bombtech “I hit it past the red tees… sometimes” t-shirt elicited a chuckle from Greller during a pro-am.


Note on the Vice balls: Don’t order the Vice Pro Soft. They have a matte finish that starts to get dirty the second it is removed from the sleeve.

I personally like the matte finish.

I was looking through my spam folder last week and there was an email for Clear golf balls: Thinking “why would I want transparent golf balls?” I click through to read this:

GolfWeek Exclusive Case of 6 Dozen Clear Golf Balls


But the were described as “the best golf ball in the world” on Morning Drive according to the email, so I start looking through the website and find this:

Joining Team Clear provides access to the world’s best USGA conforming golf ball. Members pay a one-time membership fee and receive a case of twelve dozen Clear golf balls along with a limited edition Clear apparel package.

As a member of Clear, you will have the ongoing opportunity to purchase the Clear golf ball to replenish your supply. The Clear ball is available to members at a preferred member rate and may be ordered directly from the ClearSports website in cases of six dozen balls.

If accepted to join Team Clear, your email response will include a link to complete the membership registration process. You will have the opportunity to select your choice of Clear golf balls and pay your one-time membership fee (Visa, MasterCard and American Express accepted). The one-time membership fee is $1,200 plus applicable sales tax. A case of twelve dozen Clear golf balls will be shipped to you along with your exclusive Clear apparel.


Also, the Morning Drive quote came from Jeremy Roenick, who is a Clear Sports “ambassador”.


Juiced up balls and your company is named “Clear” but you DON’T get Barry Bonds to be an ambassador?!


Someone needs to try these balls … for science…


So I can pop in here for trying the Clear ball. A playing partner caddied in a Mackenzie tour event and the pro was messing around with the Clear ball in a practice round. According to the pro, its a superior ball, especially in the wind and consistency in roll on the greens. Something about how the ball balances (you can test by floating in water) … hard to recall as was months ago.

However, the pro gave this guy I few used ones (along with an old wedge…) and he brought them out and I played a couple holes (safe, wide holes for reference) with it. I am a scratch and didn’t notice a damn difference between this ball and pro V1. It was also moderately windy and I didnt find it cut through the wind any better.

I can also say the same for Vice and Snell, played them when I found them, very similar to a pro v1. I find all premium balls quite similar, I find Taylormade quite a bit longer then a Prov1 but doesnt spin as well around the greens.


As a follow up to everything that has been stated, how would you go about outfitting yourself from scratch? Yes it’s great to be fitted and set up with clubs that fit your swing, but if you have a repeatable swing couldn’t you play well with any club in your hand? There is a youtube video out there where Rick Shiels compares the M2 and Bombtech drivers: not a huge difference in performance.

I will not ask the same about golf balls because I believe the #bifurcation thread covered that.


From scratch, find out at least a few stats. Club head speed, lie angle, etc. From there you can at least estimate a few things. I have always done this as I have gotten clubs either on sale or second hand. On sale, I just got them bent to the right lie angle. Every part of my next set will be fitted though (its often free if you are ready to purchase that day) as I saw a huge difference with getting my driver fitted this year.

Any club? Absolutely you can, you just have to adjust how they perform for you. An example is my driver, I went from hitting a G10 that I couldn’t hit right to left to save my life, to a G400 that I can’t hit left to right to save my life… I can play them both just fine, I just need to adjust aim, targets, etc.